How I am Helping Us Through Unemployment

Due to unfortunate circumstances that were not his fault, my husband lost his job twice in one year. Yep. Two different jobs and two different losses.

The first one was detrimental to us. It was the end of January 2017, and about a week and a half before our daughter’s first birthday party. I had just brought him a surprise coffee to help him through the day, and when I got home he called me to tell me the bad news: “Today was my last day. As soon as you left they called me into the office and told me I was let go. I’ll be home in ten minutes.” The air had been sucked out of me, and my mind started racing. I felt like I had to be strong from him when all I wanted to do was fall apart. 

He decided to finish his degree since he was already in his last semester of college, so he held off on job searching until he graduated. During this time, the stress of his job loss, finishing school, and the new financial burden we were faced with tested every inch of our marriage. We barely survived as a couple. Shortly after finishing his degree, he thankfully found a job.

Unfortunately, that job didn’t work out. He worked there for three months before he found another new job. This place seemed to be the answer to our prayers. It was exactly what he was looking for, and the office environment was employee centered. After six months of frustration, he was finally happy. 

Then one day in January 2018 he called me again around midmorning. They had decided to let go of 1/5 of the company, and he was a part of the cuts. It was deja vu. Here we were a week before our daughter’s second birthday party in the exact same predicament we had been in a year earlier. This time I knew the drill and what to prepare for. 

The only difference was now we didn’t have our savings to fall back on. We had used most of it the first go around, and it was pretty much depleted. Unemployment is a nightmare to deal with, and because of an error on their part, we ended up going a whole month without a paycheck. I knew I had to do something.

I decided to give direct sales a try.

I had attended a friend’s 101 class as a girls night out and fell in love with the products. After a serious chat with my husband, I decided to purchase my very own kit. I made sure him and I both had low expectations just in case this didn’t work out, but if it did then it was just an added bonus. 

I remember for YEARS seeing other friends get sucked into the direct sales hype without much success. I cannot tell you how many times I had said no to friends who tried to get me on their teams for various products. I always thought I could never do that because I didn’t quite believe in the products they were selling.

All of that changed when I found my company, and I also ended up finding my niche in direct sales. I have a deep belief in my products, and selling actually comes naturally to me. But best of all ,I’m providing some much-needed income. I’m taking a small burden off my husband by bringing home a check for things like groceries, gas, and bills. 

When you buy from someone in direct sales you’re not only getting their products, you are supporting a family who is directly benefiting from your purchase.

I understand that sometimes it can seem a little annoying when people get overly excited about what they are selling. I have thought that as well. But being on the other side, I now understand that there can be a huge positive impact with direct sales. I feel like I can help my family this time around in a way I didn’t before. 

Best of all, I still get to stay home with our toddler. I feel like I can contribute to the finances while still being present. That’s probably the best perk of all.

My husband will hopefully find a new job sooner rather than later that is the perfect fit for him. It is our prayer every single day. But until then, I can step up and help in a way I never thought I could. Because of direct sales, this round of unemployment isn’t so bad, and I’m pretty thankful for that.

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