12 Reasons I Admire Roseanne

Take a walk with me 30 years ago; I was a little curly haired kid sitting in front of the one tube tv that we had in our house with the cable box that you had to get up and switch from A to B to see half of the cable channels, and on special occasions we rented movies to watch in our awesome VCR. It was in the era that the show Roseanne became popular.

Roseanne was a show about a working-class family that lived in Landford, Illinois. The family centered around the outspoken, yet often well-meaning, Roseanne Conner. She was a longtime wife to Dan and together they had three kids: Becky, Darlene, and D.J. I grew up watching Roseanne as a kid and then watched some of the old episodes as a teen. I did not mind watching Roseanne, but I did not have an appreciation for the show that I now think was ahead of its time.

Jump ahead to 2018 and the Roseanne show is going to be rebooted. I was excited to hear of the reboot as I am not a fan of the popular reality style tv that is so frequently represented on tv today.

To be better prepared for the new season reboot, I decided to watch all of the old episodes over and realized that I have a totally different outlook and respect for Roseanne show as an adult. There are many things that I admire about the way Roseanne Conner was portrayed in the show that I admire or hope to exemplify in my own life.

Here are 12 reasons I’ll be watching the reboot: 

12. I admire that Roseanne had her own sense of style and was not concerned with having to wear the same outfit over again. At this point in my life, there are things that are more important to me than fashion. Many women are portrayed in shows today often have perfect hair and makeup and never wear the same outfit twice. I can better relate to Roseanne as I often do not want to spend time or money on having an extensive wardrobe.

11. Although Roseanne’s family was number one in her life, she understood the importance of taking time to hang out with her friends, get out of the house, and it helped her to get a great perspective on her own life.

10. It was often joked about that the Conners were not classy people, yet they openly welcomed and discussed diversity in a time when many shows/networks were afraid to discuss these topics.

9. The Conner family often chose to spend money on experiences rather than stuff. Sometimes, I am tempted to spend extra money on something that I don’t really need and will only keep around for a year or two. I now realizing that sometimes going on vacation or having a nice dinner with my family is worth more than buying some junk that will just take up space in my house.

8. Having dinner with her family was important. She realized the value of taking time each day to sit with her family and eat dinner even when times were stressful and busy.

7. Roseanne had a lot of responsibility on her shoulders, but she was often able to look at life with a smile, laugh, and make a joke.

6. Dan and Roseanne had three very different children and supported them to be themselves and have their own opinions. They did not try to change their children to fit what they had expected for them. They tried to be supportive of each child’s individual interests.

5. I love the playfulness in Dan and Roseanne’s marriage. After being together since high school, they still made time to talk to each other, play practical jokes on each other, and just act goofy with each other. I believe that this is the key to having a long-lasting marriage.

4. Roseanne understood her role was to be her children’s mom, not their friend. Roseanne understood the importance of having rules and repercussions for her children. It is not always easy to stay firm with your children, especially when they are teenagers, but Roseanne understood the value in these life lessons.

3. Roseanne understood the value of her children having responsibilities. In addition to going to school, they were expected to help out at home, take care of each other, and at times support the family business.

2. Roseanne and Dan were friends to all. They welcomed friends, family, and neighbors into their home and at their dinner table. In the same token, they also expected the same respectfulness from their children’s friends and significant others that they did from their own children.

1. Roseanne was not afraid to be herself and speak her mind. She also had a very supportive husband who understood that his wife had a mind of her own and did not try to impose his own thoughts onto hers.

Will you be watching the reboot? Tell us in the comments below!

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