Please Don’t Call Me Fabulously Sized

Recently, I read about a department store chain changing the name of their “plus-size” clothing line to “Fabulously Sized.” I just had to shake my head and roll my eyes. Why? Why do you have to come up with another name? I wear plus-sized clothing (according to all the sizing charts), BUT, it’s just a size. I understand the need to specify from petite to tall to junior, etc., but why do I need a special name for my size?

The average US woman wears size 16-18. That’s “technically” considered plus-size. But if that’s the average and the norm, why do we consider it “plus?”

Listen, I’m not a woman who is fabulously okay with my size. I’m not fully comfortable in my own skin. After weight fluctuations my whole life, two pregnancies, struggles with PCOS and Hypothyroidism, I honestly am not happy with my body. I’m also taking the necessary steps to fix that. I’m not perfect, and neither is my body. Don’t single me out just because of my size.

When are we going to come to the point of accepting that women come in all shapes and sizes? Some women can eat non-stop and never gain an ounce. Then there are those women (like myself) that just THINK about eating a cookie and the crumbs add to my waistline instantly. Put five women weighing the exact same weight in a line, and I can guarantee you that some will need to be in “plus-sized” clothing and some can fit perfectly in “regular” woman’s clothing.

How about this? How about we have woman’s sizing, and leave it at that? We all know what pregnancies do to our bodies. Chasing after toddlers and eating whenever we can find a free moment is fresh in our memories. We know the struggles of trying to stay fit and trim (or at least fitting into our pants without having to go spread eagle on the bed).

Let’s stop singling women out based on their dress size. Can we try to just treat women like they are? Hard working, sacrificing, passionate, patient goddesses that carried life inside of them and then birthed them into this world. Some bodies are small, some are large. But in the end, we are all women.

Please don’t call me Fabulously Sized. I’m a woman, and that’s good enough for me!

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  1. Jenny March 25, 2018 at 12:29 pm #

    Amen! Men’s departments are really separated, why can’t we just have a women’s department? I’m in a similar boar to you (hypo, pcos plus some other stuff). While I accept my body size and shape, I would never descibe it as fabulous and would feel silly shopping in a dept called that.

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