4 Reasons Why Paw Patrol is Ridiculous

As a mother of a 5-year-old, I’ve seen way too many episodes of Paw Patrol to count. While watching these shows with my daughter, Ellie, I’ve noticed some weird and inconsistent things.  Or, I may be going crazy. Verdict is still out.

Also, keep in mind that this is completely written in satire. This is for entertainment purposes ONLY and NOT meant to be taken seriously.  

“Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol…be there on the double….”

  1. The public safety in the town is managed by a teenage boy and talking dogs.  Ryder is in charge of a team of dogs- Marshall, Chase, Sky, Rocky, Rubble, Zumba and Everest. Yep, its pretty sad that I know ALL of the names.  Each pup has a specific job/skill set to help out the town. How is this even possible that the town can run smoothly with this setup? What does this teach our children exactly? Not only is this show completely bonkers, it makes no sense whatsoever. 
  2. How does he afford all of his gadgets, cars/boats, and mortgage on the Paw Patrol tower? WHERE ARE HIS PARENTS?! It takes some dough to acquire all of the things Ryder has at his disposal. I wonder, how does he afford it all? Did he come into a nice amount of moolah from a inheritance/trust fund? Did his parents pass away? Who watches after Ryder? Do the residences of the town pay some sort of fee for Ryder’s services ? There’s more questions than answers. 
  3. The leaders and the adults in the show are not very smart.  This, itself, drives me batty. Like, dude – are their any responsible adults in Adventure Bay? LIKE AT ALL?! Let’s break this down. The Mayor of Adventure Bay, Mayor Goodway – is very overdramatic, but she’s nice. She can never solve a problem on her own. Why was she elected then? Isn’t the mayor’s job to solve problems? Oh and her pet is a pet CHICKEN, named Chickaletta -Who reminds me of HeiHei, from Moana.  Not a smart chicken. Speaking of which, why doesn’t the chicken talk? The dogs talk!!  Goodway’s arch rival, Mayor Humdinger, is mean and constantly tries to manipulate and trick everyone he comes in contact with. He’s also very whiny.  All of the adults in the show are not likeable at all.
  4. Does Ryder ever get a break?  Watching after all of these dogs and the residents of this town has to be exhausting and annoying (even though it seems like he has the patience of a saint) . He’s a young man. He should be playing and enjoying his childhood. Also, he doesn’t seem to be getting any sort of education. I totally feel bad for him, man. I think he needs to find a replacement. 

It sounds crazy right? These are the kinds of things I think about when I’m forced to watch cartoons with my child.

In all seriousness, the show is great at teaching my child problem solving, team work, academic and many other skills. If I could just get past all of the ridiculousness! 

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