You Know You’re a Mom When…

All we moms have that moment when we realize we’ve actually arrived at true motherhood. 

Here are some examples of those moments:

  • Something blurts out of your mouth, and you go, “Oh, crap, I am my mother.”
  • Feeling every range of emotion on any given day is the norm.
  • Being tuned into every little noise (or absence of noise!) is second-nature.
  • You only have Minions and Shopkins bandages in the medicine cabinet.

  • You can’t find those FIVE MINUTES you used to harass your own mother about not finding… to shave your OWN legs!
  • Your biggest workout is bending down over and over to load and unload washers, dryers, and washing machines.
  • You make up your own curse words like, “Fudge buckets!”
  • Finding a date night with your significant other is the biggest deal in the whole world.
  • Having a surprise night where someone takes the kid(s) is like winning the lottery!!
  • It’s perfectly normal to let your kids do your hair with twenty-five braids and every color of hair tie/bow, then go out in public without even looking in the mirror (all while wearing a CMB Queen City Mom tee… 😉).
  • Feeling the most intense and all-consuming love you’ve ever experienced when you glance down at a sleeping, angelic face you helped create – that’s motherhood.

Crazy, infuriating, satisfying, challenging, amazing, wonderful, tumultuous, transcending, fulfilling… Enjoy every moment of being a mom, because times flies by too quickly.

What are your favorite moments of being a mom?  When did you have your “Oh, boy, I really am a mom” moment for the first time?  That realization can be amusing or terrifying!  Embrace all of it!

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