Getting Ready with the Kids Underfoot {A Survival Guide}

This post is a collaboration between Cincinnati Moms Blog and Head & Shoulders. Several of the CMB Mamas enjoy the affordability, quality, results, and scents of Head & Shoulders as part of their daily routine.

I am going to paint you a picture.

You have somewhere to be in 30 minutes and you are running late (sound familiar?). The kids have been super fussy this morning and politely turned down the first three breakfast options you prepared for them (sound familiar?). You rush into the bathroom to finish getting ready and softly click the door closed behind you. Not even two seconds later, you hear little footsteps coming up the stairs and close your eyes taking a big breath (sound familiar?). Sure enough, the doorknob turns and in barges not one, but two (maybe more) precious offspring who suddenly felt the need to leave the cartoon they had been contentedly watching on TV to be in your bubble.

I KNOW this sounds familiar.

Seriously, what is it about the bathroom? Do children come equipped with a sixth sense that tells them the very second your feet cross the threshold? It doesn’t matter what you need to do in there… shower, make-up, pee… if you are a mom, you WILL have an audience.

Nothing short of shipping those little dears off to Grandma is going to change this fact, which leaves us with no other option than to become efficient in our bathroom time. Which leads me to:

The Cincinnati Moms Blog Tips for Surviving the Overcrowded Bathroom!

1.) Shower Fast! You have 10 – MAYBE 15 – minutes before someone starts crying or needs a snack. You have to work quickly. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice quality as part of this equation. Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo and Conditioner allows you to provide your hair with that nourishing cleanse and silky finish that helps you make the most of your limited shower time. Head & Shoulders Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to work together for a nourished scalp and beautiful hair. Head & Shoulders Shampoo and Conditioner are a powerhouse combination designed to: 

  • Clean – with gentle cleansing agents that wash away dandruff flakes, grease and oil to leave your hair noticeably cleaner
  • Protect – the new formula contains micro-minerals which are left behind after you wash your hair to protect against dandruff damage so your hair can grow from a healthier foundation
  • Moisturize – it instantly delivers extra conditioning to leave your hair feeling soft and smooth while the micro-minerals help to repair the scalp and lock in more moisture

 Mom Bonus, you can easily grab Head & Shoulders at Kroger while you are picking up those all-important snack items I referenced above. Showering isn’t the only thing you have to do quickly when you are a mom… efficient shopping is also key. The selection, not only of Head & Shoulders products but for groceries and other beauty items, makes Kroger the ideal place to snag all of those mom-life essentials. One convenient location for all of your errands is a #momwin for sure!

Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky Shampoo and Conditioner provides a rejuvenating experience. It’s hard to find something that brings moisture to my curls while terminating my dandruff and Head & Shoulders successfully does this. It feels as if I went to the salon for some expensive conditioning treatment, when it’s really just me taking a quick five second shower. Loving how fresh it smells, looks, and makes me feel. – Danielle, Mama of Two

2.) Save old Makeup Supplies! My littles will (sort of) leave me to my own makeup application if I can get them busy with their own. I keep my used and empty foundation compacts and brushes in a little bag under the sink. My girls love pretending to apply their own makeup and all I have to do is give them an occasional, “You look amazing!”

3.) Embrace It! As much as I would prefer to not have children underfoot, I know that this stage will end and for whatever reason, they have this need to be near me at random and inconvenient times. I thought this would get better as they got older, but at 6 and 8 years old, my kids are still joining me in the bathroom on the daily. So, now, I make the most of it by asking them to read out loud to me from a book, rehearsing lines from their upcoming school play, or planning our weekend.

4.) Lock the door! I’m kidding… this doesn’t work, they just go low and peer at you from under the door with that one creepy little eyeball.

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