My Kid Wishes I was Like “Other Moms”

My husband and I weren’t particularly worried about what anyone thought about us growing up – or to this day for that matter! So, it is a little foreign to us to have a daughter that cares so much about whatever everyone else thinks about her. This quality does have its upsides, because she really cares when she has upset or disappointed us with poor choices. However, she just started her first year of elementary school, and I’ve already heard almost every night, “Can you do (such and such)? The other moms do (this and that).”

my kid wishes I was like _other moms_

I could pull my mother’s old line, “Too bad; I’m not those other moms!” I generally tend to laugh it off. My husband is more sensitive to how it could potentially hurt my feelings than I am, especially when it comes to comparing me to “skinny moms”.

“Mommy, when are you going to get skinnier like the other moms?”

Well, I wasn’t aware all the other moms, BESIDES ME, were so skinny! Haha… I am fully aware that I am heavier than I was even a few short years ago, but apparently I should be magically able to get “skinny” again overnight just by pure will.

“Mommy, why do I have to get my lunch from the school? Why can’t you make me a lunch like the other moms?”

I’m pretty sure she wasn’t the ONLY child in the entire school getting a school lunch. Could be wrong about that though. I obliged her on this one. I told her I wasn’t going to promise I’d make her a packed lunch the entire school year, but I would do that much for her now. Plus, I can slip in little notes like my parents used to do for me growing up.

“Mommy, the other moms put ice packs in the kids’ lunches.”

Oh, do they? It isn’t enough that I’m packing you a lunch like you asked? Now you want ice packs!!! We have ice packs. I gave the kid an ice pack.

The truth is, I’m not those “other” moms. I’m me. I’m not perfect, but I do the best I can every day. If I tried to be like anybody else, I’d drive myself nuts! Then, no one in our house would be happy. I’m not the mom that can walk her kids to school every day, be active in the PTO, pack organic lunches each day, make sure there are ice packs in there, or go to yoga or barre every day. Don’t get me wrong, if you are a Mom who is able to do one or more of those things… go get it girl! My life just does not allow that to be me. I’m always trying to be a better mom, woman, wife…  but, I can only do what’s within my power.

Do any of your kids try to compare you to “other moms” as well? One day, my little girl will understand that it’s okay to have a mom that’s different. More importantly, I hope she’ll learn to embrace the fact that she‘s not like everyone else either, and that’s a very beautiful thing. How boring would the world be if we were all exactly the same?! Let’s all embrace our amazing differences!

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