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Cincy-Inspired Halloween Costumes, Solved.

halloweencostumesWith Halloween just around the corner, I have visions of candy loot and fights with my kids over candy loot dancing in my head. I’ve also got a ton of costume ideas floating around (none of which I have yet to start!), because I’m pretty sick of Elsa and I’m not even gonna touch Paw Patrol. No need to inflict torture upon yourself at a pop-up costume shop or spend hours googling costume ideas (thanks, Pinterest), because for the majority, these costumes are meant to be kid’s DIY, Cincinnati-inspired costumes.

  • Montgomery Inn Rib King – Can you think of anything cuter than a baby eating ribs? Not me. The founder of Montgomery Inn, Ted Gregory, dubbed “The Ribs King” can still be found on the company logo with a cigar, glasses and crown. Only complete with a Montgomery Inn bib and BBQ bottle. Full slab orders for everyone, indeed.
  • 98 Degrees – Sibling costume idea – pay homage to the Lachey brothers and the two ‘Jeffs’ of Cincinnati. This one hits especially close to the heart after Drew Lachey told my nanny I had the cutest kids while shopping at Kenwood Mall. So, we’re practically best friends. Microphones, frosted tips, tights shirts (or lack thereof for music videos) and faux tribal arm tattoos are necessities. A trail of rose petals and every teen’s tears during the years of 1998-2002 are optional, but encouraged in the boy band world.
  • Frisch’s Big Boy – Headquartered in Cincinnati and known for their love of tarter sauce. You’ll need saddle shoes, red suspenders, a Frisch’s paper kitchen hat and lots of hair gel. Finding a pair of red checkered overalls might be a bit of a challenge, but that pales in comparison to the restraint you’ll need to walk around with a plate of hamburger all Halloween night and NOT EAT IT. How does Big Boy do it!?
  • Cincinnati Bell Connector f/k/a the Street Car – Insert political joke about time and money here. I envision some crafting with a cardboard box, suspenders and green & blue poster paint is in your near future. You could also retrofit your wagon for your littlest non-walkers. And, your Halloween route most definitely must include a stop at Gomez Salsa! Proceed with caution and watch for pedestrians.
  • The Queen City – Running super late on time? Rest assured, these are the days that Amazon Prime was made for. Enter pig snout and tail, plus a jeweled crown for a play on the city’s nickname.
  • Crosstown Shootout – Xavier and UC basketball players rejoice! A competition between two Cincy schools so fierce, one that could only to be paralleled by sibling rivalry. One part Xavier Musketeer basketball player to equal parts UC Bearcat. #nofighting
  • Cincy Snapchat – Ok, I don’t actually have Snapchat, because I refuse to waste any more time on the internets. But, my friends do, so I’m cool by association. This costume is the modern day ghost, with a Cincinnati Red’s hat and old timey mustache.
  • Cornholes – Precise sources unknown, but we all know the game originated in Cincinnati’s own West Side, as evidenced by this amusing article published by the Enquirer in 2002. (Side note: did anyone read and take wonder in the fabled cornhole tattoos and the quote from a woman whose co-workers believed cornhole to be “sick”?!) This costume requires two kids, more cardboard, poster paint and scissors. Another costume to encourage sibling rivalry.
  • Fountain Square Statue – Accurately known as the Tyler Davidson Fountain or The Genius of Water, is a memorial gifted from tycoon Henry Probasco in dedication of Tyler Davidson, his brother-in-law. Makes those Christmas socks I got last year from my BIL look pretty silly at this point, but there’s always next year (wink, wink). The bronze figure is positioned on a platform dressed similarly to a toga with arms reaching to each side, palms trickling water downward. Not sure how much action this costume would see, but hey, it’s a historical Cincinnati landmark. We’re cultured, people.
  • FC Soccer Player – When your kid guilts you in to purchasing a t-shirt from Cincinnati’s newest sport’s team fan shop, you can actually use it again! Be warned, shuffling a soccer ball through your entire neighborhood on Halloween night will take time. Now if there was a only a holiday for all those other clothes stuck in my kid’s closet with tags still on…
  • Oktoberfester – Zinzinnati hosts the largest Oktoberfest outside of Germany, and has held the Guinness Book of Records title (so you know it’s legit) for World’s Largest Chicken Dance since 1994. Gather your lederhosen and dirndl for der kinder and teach your toddler their first German word; Prost!
My twins as Oktoberfest kinder. My daughter, unamused with how much time I have on my hands.

My twins as Oktoberfest kinder. My daughter, clearly unamused with how much time I have on my hands.

  • Rain Man – Four-time Oscar winning film starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, but better known (or at least in my mind) for its shots around Cincinnati and NKY. Matching gray suits, wayfarers, poker chips and playing cards are needed to pull of this two person costume. At the end of the night tally your candy, in square root form.
  • Skyline Three-Way – Compliments of my husband, naturally. No explanation necessary.

One last parenting tip: be sure to negotiate your finder’s fee clause upfront. Any and all costume superlatives achieved require immediate forfeiture of all Reece Cups secured during Halloween to said parent/finder. BOO-ya, kiddos! Until then, I’ll be attempting to shove an entire fun-size Snickers bar in my mouth before my children can catch me. Practice makes perfect.


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