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Choosing an OBGYN: Where to Start

This post is part of a sponsored partnership with The Christ Hospital Health Network. We are excited about this partnership and the opportunity to provide important resources to local moms.

Choosing an OBGYN: Where to Start

Two lines.

And not just ANY two lines.

Two life-changing little lines. I’m talking about the ones that show up on a home pregnancy test. You wait, barely breathing, staring as the first line pops up. And then… a second line, so faint you’re not even sure it’s really there. Another 30 seconds. There it is! YES!! You’re pregnant.

Oh wow!

What now?

When those little lines showed up for my first pregnancy, after the initial excitement, the main feeling I remember is fear. What did I know about having a baby? I had never done that before. I wasn’t qualified!

The truth is, I was, of course, fully qualified and capable. My body had it covered. But, I needed someone who could walk me through the process and help me bring a healthy baby into the world. Enter my trusted OBGYN.

Choosing an OBGYN isn’t as simple as opening the phone book (Wait. Do they have phone books anymore?) and choosing a practice. Below are some tips from veteran moms on what you should look for when choosing the right OBGYN for you.

Doctor/Patient Rapport – Do you feel supported and heard by the doctors in the practice? A primary concern from women we asked was whether the doctors not only took the time to listen, but that they were supportive and encouraging. Pregnancy and birth can be uniquely wonderful life experiences, but they can also be extremely overwhelming, even a little terrifying. You’ll want a doctor who will listen carefully to your questions and
concerns, while working with you to determine the best course of action for you and your baby.

Birthing Philosophy – Do you have a philosophy when it comes to the birth of your baby? Have you always pictured yourself giving birth naturally? If you have specific ideas about what you want the birth of your baby to look like, discuss your ideal birth plan with prospective OBGYNs. If you’re looking at a large practice, be certain that each doctor in the practice is supportive of your philosophy. Since you don’t know who will be on call when you go into labor, you’ll want to ensure that you are comfortable with all OBGYNs in the practice.

Your Health History – What specific challenges do you bring to the pregnancy? If you have a chronic illness or had complications becoming pregnant, be certain the OBGYN you choose is equipped to handle your health issues.

Practical Concerns – While these points are not much fun to address, they’re necessary, so be sure to take them into consideration before making your choice.

  • At what hospitals does the practice deliver?
  • Where is the practice located?
  • Are the doctors in your insurance network?

And finally, keep in mind that you always have the option to find a new provider if you discover that your initial choice isn’t right for you. The good news is, many women find a practice they love and stick with it forever! 

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