Exploring Cincinnati with These Go-To Apps

Some of the best resources on the parenting journey are those little extras that make life easier to manage.

As parents, we work on putting down our devices to spend quality time with our kids, but sometimes picking up those devices can help us make the most of that quality time. My smartphone is part phone, part event planner, part life organizer. The majority of the go-to resources needed to plan the day are right at my fingertips.

One of the things I love is finding the right apps to streamline the daily ins and outs of parenthood. Apps that help my family navigate the city have been a huge bonus. Whether it’s finding a class/activity, avoiding a library fine, exploring new places, or discovering new things about old favorites, there’s some truth to the saying, There’s an app for that! Once I’ve checked The Weather Channel and possibly done some plotting and planning on Google Maps, these are some of the local go-to apps that can be used to uncover lots of fun in and around Cincinnati.   

Places to Go & Things to Do

Connect Cincinnati Stay up-to-date on events and browse things to do with Connect Cincinnati. With a variety of categories for the choosing, you can narrow the search to Family Fun, Parks & Rec, Sports, Date Night, and more. Lots of engaging opportunities are often just around the corner, and the key to finding them is right at your fingertips.

Kings Island Find out about special events and activities occurring in the park. While in the park, you can access wait times for each ride and also get a quick view of height requirements. There’s an interactive guide map that shows you the quickest route to any spot in the park and can be a real lifesaver when a quick potty break is needed! Purchase tickets, view dining plans, and more from the app.

Coney Island– Quickly access upcoming events hosted at the park. Hours, parking, and dining options are right just a click away. There’s also lots of great info about cabanas and rentals available to make your visit more enjoyable. Special offers can be accessed via mobile device, and the Deal of the Day is a feature that will be coming soon.

Local Libraries– The library is a great place for kids on a rainy day or any day. Most library apps allow you to view all upcoming events and complete registration when required. You can also renew books and videos when due dates get away from you, or search for and reserve particular titles. The Midpointe System and Cincinnati Public Library are just a couple of the available options in this area.

YMCA– Whether a member or just looking to enroll your kids in some classes, The HUB allows you to access classes and events at your local YMCA, YWCA, or JCC. For those with memberships, it’s easy to quickly sign up kids for classes from your device, so you don’t miss those registration deadlines (been there, done that…).

Downtown Cincinnati– This app is for those that are looking to navigate downtown. Users can select eat, shop, or play to find spots to visit. Granted this is not geared toward kids, so the play doesn’t necessarily equate to a kid-friendly venue. Any locations shared on the app can be viewed in a list or on a map, so this can be hugely beneficial when trying to find a park, restaurant, parking lot, etc. near you. There is even a link for those willing to brave public transit.

Local Media– Using local publications is a perfect way to be in-the-know on upcoming events in the community. Cincinnati.com is the Cincinnati Enquirer’s mobile app where you can choose Nearby Events to browse what’s coming during a selected time period.  On the Journal-News app, you can go to Life & Entertainment and select Things to Do to view what’s happening in and around Butler and Warren Counties. It’s also nice to use these apps for local news access.

We’re a family that loves going on adventures, and some of the best spots are right in our own backyard. With a go-to set of apps and a little planning, it’s easy to make the most of the vast amount of opportunities and activities in and around Cincinnati.  

With a few FREE downloads, your family can be off and exploring the city and creating lasting memories!

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