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5 Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Cincinnati

The most romantic day of the year is quickly approaching. Or, perhaps you are of the opinion that the most hyped Hallmark holiday of the year is quickly approaching. Whichever side of that coin you are on, it is a good idea to have a plan. Better to have more in the works than Netflix and chillin’ on Valentine’s Day, lest your evening end in disappointment with neither fun nor romance. Even if hearts, flowers, and chocolate aren’t your thing, I have a few ideas that might get  you excited for the day anyway.

For the Traditional: A fancy dinner is the classic date night for good reason. It’s romantic, dressing up is fun, there’s plenty of opportunity to talk, and no one has to do the dishes. Memorial Hall is offering a three course progressive dinner with wine for the holiday. Combine dinner and a uniquely Cincinnati experience with a dinner cruise on the BB Riverboat Valentine Cruise, including a buffet and live music.

For the Adventurous: I am sure some of you lucky ducks are planning a fabulous romantic getaway for Valentines Day. Not me. Even though my husband and I love to travel, with three kids in the middle of a school year, that’s not really an option. However, we can pretend to be in a far-off, exotic locale for a few hours by taking a cooking class. Take an imaginary trip to Italy and make some ravioli or risotto at The Learning Kitchen. Or how about traveling east—far, far East to India with an Indian Cooking Class at Bolly Bears?

For the outdoorsy and athletic: Winter in Cincinnati can be pretty depressing for those of us who like a little outdoor adventure but not the cold. Luckily, there are ways to get your heart pumping indoors with your Valentine. At Rockquest, you can test the strength of your muscles and your trust on the indoor climbing walls. If the cold doesn’t scare you off, grab your date and go for a brisk jog at the Cupid’s Undie Fun Run to benefit the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Snuggling required afterward to knock off the chill of running outside in February in your skivvies. A perfect recipe for romance.

For the artistic: Avoid the evening crowds and spend the afternoon browsing some art. Cincinnati has many options for art lovers, including both museums and galleries. If you decide on the Contemporary Arts Center, plan a stop at the café as well for both lunch and people-watching. The Taft Museum is another great choice, and though I haven’t actually eaten there, I always enjoy the delicious aromas wafting from the Linder Family Café when I visit the there.

For the frugal: Don’t let a tight budget keep you from celebrating love this Valentine’s Day. The possibilities are truly endless—put a blanket over the dining room table and give each other spa-like massages, cook dinner together and enjoy it over candlelight after the kids are in bed, visit a neighborhood bar with live music and have a drink like you did when you were dating. I could go on and on, but here are two of my favorites. Plan a beer tasting, just for the two of you. Many groceries now have a choose your six pack option. Pick six different beers you haven’t tried, order your favorite carry-out, and enjoy taste-testing your selections. My other favorite is recreating your first date (or some other special date, like your proposal). My husband and I do this every year on our anniversary, but it would work well for Valentine’s Day too. We visit the college where we met and walk around town, recalling our favorite memories, which now include previous anniversaries when we shared the visits with our kids.

However you do the day, make your Valentine’s Celebration unique and special for you and yours. How do you plan to celebrate? We’d love to year your ideas! 

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