Thanksgiving Fun: Ten Crafts to Make with Your Kids

With Thanksgiving just around the corner (WOW, can you believe it, moms?!),  I’ve gathered some fun ideas to consider for  your family.  

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Thanksgiving crafts

  1. Reese’s Turkeys Fun to make and edible! These would make good party favors for a get-together with friends or family. Or, just making them for fun is great too. 
  2. Lego Stamped Indian Corn– This could be shaped to fit toddlers, preschoolers or even some older kids (smaller Legos for the older children, yay fine motor skills!). Get some paint, some paper and let them get creative! 
  3. Family Turkey Craft– This one is adorable and a great keepsake for your family. You could frame and mount this on the wall as well.
  4. Our Little Turkeys- Awwwww. This is my personal favorite craft on the list. Who doesn’t want to preserve their child/children’s handprints? Such a neat way to do so! You could even do it every year as a tradition to see the progression. 
  5. Popcorn Treat Bags-  This idea is so much fun for ANY  Thanksgiving party. Crafts you can eat are always a plus (even when it can be too cute to eat). 
  6. Fall Leaf Prints– Send your kids outside to gather a few leaves. Get some construction paper, fall colored paints, and let them go at it. Tip: It’s more fun for children to feel involved in the process. They learn more and have more fun !
  7. Rice Krispies Turkey Legs– I saw these and I got an instant picture in my mind of my daughter Ellie eating this! This is soooo easy, yummy and fun for all ages.
  8. Coffee Filter Turkey–  Anytime you mix science and fun is up my alley. I LOVE this because each child can make their own design and see it come to life. 
  9. Football Pretzels– Enough with the turkeys right? Everyone watches football on thanksgiving! Kids could be involved and help with this as well. Family time+ chocolate= what’s not to love? 
  10. Thankful Pie– It’s so  important to teach our children that Thanksgiving is about being thankful for the amazing blessings in our lives. This craft is a fun way of letting the children express what they are thankful for. Parents can get in on this, too. Truthfully, even sharing those thoughts at the Thanksgiving table is just as wonderful.

Please feel free to share your photos in the comments below, or share another fun idea your family does for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there! Blessings! 

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