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Yummy Fun with The Learning Spoon!

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trb2When: Monday, March 21, 10a-12:30p

Where: The Red Balloon Cafe + Play, 6200 Montgomery Road, 45212

Why: To empower children with skills that will help support a healthier lifestyle now and hopefully into their future! And because…FUN!

What to Expect!

**This event is during closed hours, so the cafe piece of The Red Balloon Cafe + Play will NOT be open!**


Courtesy of The Learning Spoon.

The Learning Spoon will be providing some yummy fun at The Red Balloon Café + Play! Amy and Jaymara will be teaching one of their Healthy Hands Cooking Classes for 4 & 5 year-olds. These are all about fun, food and facts! They start every class with an entertaining, interactive nutritional game or activity and follow that up with hands-on creation of delicious healthy recipes. They are helping to fight the epidemic of childhood obesity by showing children that healthy food can be fun and simple to make and absolutely delicious.

They will be teaching their “Colors on My Plate” class! Children will be able to name certain fruits and vegetables based on colors. They will properly identify colors and explain that we eat fruits and vegetables to keep our bodies healthy. They will understand that food comes in many colors. Each child will make their own Rainbow Fruit Salad.

Our overall mission as a company is to meet families where they are and provide them with basic tools to start them down the path to a healthy lifestyle. We understand that every family and every person is different and they are all at different stages when it comes to health and nutrition. Our focus is providing fun, affordable, sustainable and proven tips, ideas and wellness information for everyday families.  -The Learning Spoon
After class, kids will be able to play in The Red Balloon Cafe + Play’s play space! As an added bonus, Sable from homegrown revivalHomegrown Revival will be in the classroom providing a seed-planting activity for all the kids!  She will be presenting a number of varieties of tomatoes and carrots as they come in all shapes and colors!  She will also be showing them all shapes and colors of seeds.
“Homegrown Revival is committed to reviving at-home gardening. We’re here to work with you to create a gardening system that fits your lifestyle, so that you can enjoy fresh,  organic, non-GMO food straight from your yard to the table!”


$12 for kids ages 4-5 years (Only 20 spaces available!)

Younger siblings will be welcome to tag along and play in the play space for $3 each! There will be no charge for sibling under 1 year.

Don’t wait! Get your tickets today and reserve your space for Yummy (and educational) Fun!




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