Words We Need To Hear More

There are many words passed around that people tend to shrug off nowadays. There are even people that have the audacity to tell you that by using certain words will diminish your worth as an individual or make you look weak. I’m here to stand up for some simple words that really do make the difference to others. These are words I have used my entire life, but time and time again have been told by others how wrong I am for their overuse.

Being a person of purpose means that everything (including every word I say) is there for a reason. The words sorry, thanks, and love have never once been uttered from my mouth without proper justification. In fact, I will praise my children for the use of these words. There isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t hope to hear them using these three words. Let me explain why.


If I say the word sorry to you, it stems from remorse and guilt. It is that moment that I stop and become the best version of myself in recognizing that you have feeling about something that I need to be empathetic towards because my actions were not earlier. It is a correction. This can be done before or after the pain. Sometimes, I will say this phrase prior to delivering bad news, because I want an individual to know that I am attempting with my best ability to understand whatever situation they are going through. To me, being empathetic is a strong personality trait. I wish more people took the time to try to understand each other’s thoughts and reactions to whatever they are attempting to say to them. 

From the other side of things: if you do not say you are sorry, you may be misinterpreted as being unapologetic and/or standing strong to your opinions, but not being open-minded. This is not a trait we should raise our children to look up to. It’s okay to have your own thoughts, but being courteous to others and attempting to hear their side will always make for a well-rounded individual. Your thoughts and feelings are never of higher value of someone else’s. You should always represent yourself as an individual that is open to conversation and the simple word of “sorry” presents that opportunity. 


This is out of a gratitude. No matter how little or big it might represent, it is still that moment in time I realize you did not have to do something for me, but you did. Having the ability to feel thankful for someone or something is just showing that you are not the most important person in the world and you’d like to stop thinking about yourself to focus in on that individual for a bit. 

When you don’t say this “magic” word, it comes across as entitlement. It makes others believe that you think you are better than them.  It creates this feeling as if anything they do for you will not add up to the amount you are owed. This is a false reality. Showing and saying “thanks” allows you to humble yourself, even if only for a minute. 


This word is used out of admiration for another. It’s a complex word used to describe a variety of different feelings, but all lead back to adoring how one person is or does something. I use this word to show the importance of people to me. If I love you or something you do, it’s because you rank highly in my life and somehow make it richer. 

Spouses, Children, friends, every relationship you have needs to have reassurance every now and then. Though it is not healthy to live strictly for this purpose, it does improve your life when you feel empowered by someone’s support. The goal in life should be to give this strength to one another. 

 By simply using these three words in your diction, you can be a person who is empathetic, humble, and empowering. Please don’t criticize one another for using these words but help spread the use and the beautiful ideologies that these words provide. And finally, please teach our children to as well! 

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