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What Does the Library Have to Offer?

I grew up living next door to the library. All of the librarians knew me. In the summer, I remember going and checking out several books every day. In middle school and high school, it was often my go-to spot for homework. It wasn’t until I lived where I actually had to drive to the library, that I realize how good I had it growing up. A wealth of knowledge and resources. At my disposal. Pretty much whenever I wanted.

The library seems to be one of the last standing institutions that still trusts people. No questions asked. They allow you to take their books. To your home. For free. Sure, they give you a due date – but if you need more time, that’s okay too. And if you forget, they’ll charge you a nominal fee. You just have to be a card holding member. And it is so easy to sign up for a library card.

But besides books, what does the library offer?

E-books. Okay, yes, e-books are technically still books. E-books are available to checkout for reading on the go, on your tablet or smart phone, without carrying a heavy book. There are no late fees, when your time is up – the loaned book automatically is not available for your use. There is a more limited selection (and sometimes a waiting list), but it is definitely worth a look. This sometimes takes some time to set up with the different apps you have to download and have accounts with, but once you are set up – searching and checking out e-books is a breeze.

MANY kids programs. Not just story time and not just for little kids. Book club, chess club, crafts, and teen writing groups to name a few. In the summer, you can find all different kinds of fun programs for kids of all ages: hands on science demonstrations, magic shows, puppet shows, zoo demonstrations, and movies with popcorn and lemonade. Be sure to check your local branches schedule. Some programs may request prior registration.

Groups and assistance for adults. GED study groups, beginner Excel and Word classes, tax prep assistance, BINGO and book clubs. Check the schedule for your location to see what you might be interested in.

MakerSpace The Main branch of Cincinnati Public Library provides a MakerSpace that includes 3D printers, sewing machines, audio and visual equipment, laser cutters and so much more – tools to create to your hearts content. You also have to ability to reserve the stations.

Community Rooms. This usually requires prior scheduling. Your meetings would typically be open to the public, unless you opt to pay to use the space.

Quiet space. Complete with wi-fi, to work or study when you need a change of scenery, but need to get work done.

What do you love most about the library?


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