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Try (a little) Something New

Years ago, Pinterest was the new hot thing. One day, I stumbled upon a board full of adorable crop and pixie cuts. I was immediately obsessed.

For months, I pinned haircuts, wondering how I’d look if I chopped off my shoulder-length hair. One day, I just made an appointment. Because you know what? Hair grows back!

Before and after my beloved pixie cut

I know it’s just a haircut, but the confidence it gave me was amazing. Total strangers would stop me in the grocery store to compliment me. My face was front and center–no hiding under all that hair! I felt bold and adventurous. Not a bad result for a simple trip to the salon!

Eventually, after a few years with my favorite cut ever, I again longed for my lengthy tresses. Today, it’s all grown out and reaches the middle of my back. Sometimes, I still long for that fun, funky haircut! And I’ve found myself daydreaming about bigger things and have just decided to go for it (I maaaay recently have gotten two tattoos within two months).

Since that time, I’ve noticed how much people fret over decisions that have minor consequences. I used to be one of them. Though I know sometimes we are limited by time or budget, there are often small things that you can do that make a big impact. Feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Take my advice and try something from this list:

Say yes to that paint color

I know people who will go months with a paint sample taped to a wall. I know painting a room can be expensive, but try a small room such as a bathroom. If you hate that edgy color, you can always paint it again. But I bet you’ll like it (says the girl whose bedroom was once dark brown).

Sign up for a class

Many libraries, community colleges and trade schools offer short-term courses. If you’re super busy (and what mom isn’t?), look for a one-time class at a craft/fabric store, artisan center, gym or other specialty establishment. I am currently in a course to become a certified volunteer naturalist, which puts me in touch with my interests without quitting my day job.

Try that new cuisine

Outside of allergies and sensitivities–what’s the worst that can happen if you try something you don’t like? Find a restaurant with a cuisine you’d normally never try and give it a shot! It doesn’t have to be expensive, just different for you! I tried Thai food on a whim years ago–and it’s now my favorite.

Try something new in the great outdoors

Some of our local state parks and outdoor outfitters can help you out! Whether it’s a stand-up paddleboard (SUP), kayak/canoe or a guided hike, there’s nothing like an outdoor experience to make you feel like you can conquer anything. I can’t wait to try the SUP tours at Ceasar Creek State Park!

Buy a new-to-you lip color

I love makeup! I think the fun part about it is that it can be an inexpensive way to try a trend without the investment of a new outfit. I am partial to jeans and a plain tee with a bright red lip. There was a time when I never would have applied that color!

Meet an online friend

It goes without saying that you should be careful when doing this, but my personal quest right now is to finally meet some of my longtime online connections in real life. Many of us have mom friends through Facebook groups or Instagram–why not ask one of them out for coffee and make a new (real-life) friend?

What’s your small change you’ve made that had a positive impact on your life? Tell us in the comments!


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