Top 5 Ways to Ensure a #PictureDayFail

Picture Day

#1 – Freely Encourage Your Child to Cut His/Her Own Hair

When I was about seven, the night before pictures, I took some scissors into my room after bedtime and decided to give myself some new bangs.  I wish I had a copy of it handy to show you all how terrible it was, but my bangs were only about a centimeter long, very thick, and all across my forehead.  When I emerged the next morning, my mother was mortified!  She asked why I would do such a thing, to which I replied, “So I could look pretty for picture day!”  Needless to say, she’s still kept that picture as blackmail to this day. 😉

Picture Day

#2 – Knock Out Half Their Teeth

We, as adults, think the snaggle-tooth look is very memorable for picture day, but most kids think it’s the most embarrassing thing in the world!  So, knock out half their teeth during the summer, let them grow in part way, then knock out the other half right before picture day.  It’ll be perfect. 

#3 – Secretly Feed Your Teenager Chocolate or Anything Else Proven to Induce Their Acne

C’mon, every teen would love to have a picture by which to remember their pimpled-youth.  It’ll be totally worth it.

#4 – Let Them Completely Pick Out Their Own Outfit

Our daughter goes to a uniform-wearing school.  However, only on picture day, they can wear whatever they want to school.  Every year, this inspires my daughter to ask me if she can wear any number of outrageous things…  Last year, she was very geeked about Star Wars and tried to pick out her Darth Vader mask, a Storm Trooper tee, and an assortment of other accompanying things.  Hold up…  Let’s just wear the tee, put some pink and ruffles with it, and make it a little more dressy and girly.  I did concede to her doing her own hair though.  Some of you parents might disagree with me and tell them to go for that Darth Vader mask, but I just couldn’t do it. 😉

Picture Day

#5 – Bribe the Photographer to Capture an Awkward Half-Smile and Closed Eyes

If my mother had thought of this, she totally would have done it!  With digital photography these days, there’s less of a chance of this happening by accident, so to get this classic #PictureDayFail look, you may have to send in some extra brownies or muffins with which to bribe the photographer that day. 😉

At some point, a year will come that brings a #PictureDayFail with it.  It’s just a childhood right-of-passage.  Just have fun with school pictures and make sure to let the kiddos express themselves and their personality to some degree.  Raising kids is messy, and the occasional photo to capture just that will bring priceless memories for years to come.  Life isn’t perfect, mommas, and we should try to catch that in photos every once in a while!


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