The Top 10 List: Why I Cannot Wait For Summer Vacation to be Over!

When I was younger, I remember counting down the days until the end of the school year. It’s not that I hated school or my classmates (most of them, anyway). It’s not that I had a lot of exciting things planned for the summer or vacations to go on, either. I guess it was just something we all did. My boys have been excited for their summer break because of some of the fun activities and trips planned. I also know that my boys were sad to say goodbye to some of their close buddies that they won’t get to see much during the summer. It’s sad to see them upset about that, and the tears definitely flowed.

And the first couple of weeks of summer break were fun. We had our fun camping trip to Mammoth Cave, we attended several Reds games and I’ve been able to take some time off of work here and there to just relax and hang out with my boys. Don’t get me wrong, summer break is absolutely a fun time!


I am SO ready for my kids to get back to school. August 15th can’t come quick enough. And before you get upset at me for wishing away the time with my boys, let me explain why, with My Top 10 List of Why I Cannot Wait for Summer Vacation to be OVER!

10. I’m ready for our grocery budget and meal schedule to get back to normal.

Yes, I have growing boys, and I know that my grocery bills are only going to get higher as they get older, but my summertime grocery costs are crazy! Not only do my boys eat more in general, but during the summer, they SNACK NON-STOP! I woke up one morning and my oldest was sitting on the couch eating potato chips and French onion dip…at 9:00 in the morning! Forget the muffins or toast or pop tarts that are there for them. And then at 10:00, he’s ready to eat again. But heaven forbid I offer to make them a sandwich or grill up some hot dogs. They aren’t hungry for a meal!

9. I’m ready for my work schedule to be somewhat consistent again.

I co-parent with my boys’ father, and we have an exact 50/50 schedule. This is not the issue. The problem during the summer is that our schedule is different every week. That, combined with limited babysitting options (I have no family in the area and cannot afford daycare or summer camps) and varying work schedules, makes for some very interesting scheduling. I end up working 10-12 hour work days on the days I don’t have my boys just so I can take a day or two off here and there during the summer. Of course I love a day off, but it can get very challenging. Thank goodness for Google Calendar to keep us straight!

8. I’m ready for MY sleep schedule to be normal.

On the days that I am off with my boys, I don’t mind staying up a little later for movie night or staying late at the Reds game. I know what it’s like being home on summer break and not having to worry about the next morning! But, I also know that my 10-year-old, no matter what time he stays up until, will routinely STILL get up at 7 or 8am. And this almost 40-year-old mother can’t hack the late nights/early mornings like she used to. At least during the school year we all, myself included, have a more consistent sleep schedule that allows for the proper (or almost) amount of sleep needed.

7. I’m ready for homework and projects and LESS T.V. and electronics time.

During the summer, we have a more lax policy on electronics usage and TV time. My boys have become somewhat addicted to watching YouTube videos…and not educational channels like Schoolhouse Rock or Storybots. I’m talking about watching families that have channels where they have Pop Tart Challenges or Play Bean Boozled or the dreaded channels where they watch someone else play Minecraft. I.CAN’T.TAKE.IT.ANY.LONGER! I’m so ready for my boys to log back into Google Classroom and learn something!

6. I’m ready for Back to School Shopping!

I know, I’m probably one of the few parents that enjoy school shopping. And while I think the school supply lists are way out of hand lately (72 No. 2 sharpened pencils BEFORE school starts???), I do love getting new supplies for my boys. I also LOVE finding great deals for back to school clothes. As they get older, I like letting them pick out their own clothes. It’s just one of those rites of passage in my mind.

5. I’m ready to not have something planned for everyday I’m home with my boys.

I feel that I always need to plan something on the days I’m off with my boys. Whether it’s a day trip somewhere, or making sure our annual Mother/Son Camping Trip is all planned or seeing how many Reds games we can fit into our schedule. I know I don’t HAVE to always be doing something with them, but I also only have them half the time, so I want to make sure they have lots of fun memories from their summer! I’ll be happy when we can slow things down a little.

4. I’m ready to start making school lunches again.

I know, it’s probably SO much easier to pay for hot lunch, and that’s what they do with their dad. But I thoroughly enjoy making their lunches every night and putting in healthy options that I know they are going to eat and not waste. Plus, I can save money by making their lunches every day. AND, it helps me get back to leaving them notes in their lunch boxes like I talked about before here.

3. I’m ready for new friendships to be made and old ones reestablished.

It’s tough on the boys because just like all the other families, summers are crazy busy and it’s difficult getting together with their friends (especially when you are young and depend on your parents for everything). My boys have had a few occasions to meet up with their buddies this summer, but they miss their friends, terribly. I’m ready for them to befriend new students who may need friends. I’m also ready for them to be back with their buddies, doing whatever it is that 5th and 2nd grade boys do!

2. I’m ready for my boys to expand their knowledge and get involved in extra activities at school.

I’m excited about the activities my boys will participate in this year. My oldest is going to be in choir (something VERY near and dear to me) and they both signed up to play soccer. I’m sure I will create a whole other Top 10 list with getting them to/from games on different fields, but I’m looking forward to that. I want my boys to jump feet first into different opportunities and see what they enjoy, and I’m excited for them!

1. I’m ready to pack up the shorts and tank tops and say goodbye to the heat and summer!

I hate the heat. I hate wearing shorts and tank tops in public (visualize wobbly chicken wing arms and fat knees).  Bathing suits and me don’t ever get along. I don’t like to sweat. Summertime is the epitome of all those things. I’m an Autumn girl, through and through. Bring on the changing leaves, the crisp air, the hoodies and the weekend bonfires. Summer vacation can take a hike so I can get on to my favorite season of the year!

Summer vacation has been fun. We’ve created a whole bunch of new memories and carried on some tried and true traditions. But this mama will not be sorry to see the school year start and summer vacation come to an end.

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