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The DIY Mom

I am a crafty mom. With the coming of Pinterest and an increased volume in social media in general, moms everywhere are pinning and making hopelessly long lists of everything they want to make or do with their kids, DIY projects for their home, how to turn a sandwich into a work of art for your toddlers lunch, and the list goes on. What started as innocent ideas somehow turned into pressure. An overwhelming pressure to do it all, make the perfect valentines, plan the perfect themed birthday party.

Now I feel like so many people are anti-Pinterest citing that they just can’t keep up, who has time for all of that stuff, and so on. When I was picking up my daughter from preschool, another Mom complimented her school bag. Our school requires tote bags rather than backpacks. I thanked her and she proceeded to ask if I had made it. I told her that I had and her response threw me. “Oh, you are one of those really good moms. I mean, that’s amazing and she probably won’t use the same one next year because you’ll make another one.” Now I know she did not mean any harm and she was paying me a compliment but being referred to as one of “those moms” got me thinking. I am in no way, shape or form the perfect mom. I do my best and really that’s all I can do but I love to DIY, craft, and create. As an art teacher, creating comes naturally to me. Not only is it a part of my job but making things for my home, kids, and others is a hobby as well. It’s my creative outlet and something I enjoy doing not just for others but for myself. I feel no pressure from Pinterest to complete everything I pin. I look for ideas and I use some, adapt some, and delete a lot too. I’m not trying to be perfect or “one up” anyone, I’m simply doing something I enjoy.

So that wreath on my front door, I did make it. Halloween costumes? Yep I’ll DIY those too. My daughters school bag? Yes, I carefully sewed on felt letters spelling her name. You go buy your wreath, your costume, your bag and I promise I’m not judging you. Let’s celebrate each other’s gifts and talents. I’ll help you with your DIY projects and you can be my personal trainer. Deal?

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