Starting Kindergarten: 5 Things I Want Her to Know

Ellie won that llama herself at Kings Island just a few days ago! It was AWESOME! Summer has been amazing but it is coming to an end. School lists are here and the first day of kindergarten is quickly approaching.

I’m not ready. NOPE. Not ready. You can’t be 5 years old yet, can you?! Mommy just felt like I welcomed you into this world and into my arms. It, literally, feels like yesterday. Now, my only little girl going out in this big world. I repeat. NOT READY! 

It’s going to happen if I like it or not. So, I thought about the things I want her to know before she heads into her first day:

  1. Mommy is going to miss you. I’m going to miss you being home and in my care every single day. It’s going to literally rip me up inside when I see you walk into that school the first time. I know I’m going to shed a few tears (or a lot)  before I leave that parking lot. OR, I may grab a coffee, my phone with WIFI and sit in the parking lot waiting on you. Verdict is still out. 
  2. I’m going to be here, always, to support you.  I will help and guide you through your homework assignments. I will NOT do them for you. I’ll be waiting on you to come home and tell me about your day, good or bad. I cannot wait to hear your stories, honey.  Just know that no matter what happens, I’m here. 
  3. Listen to and respect your teacher. Goodness, this is so important. You must use your listening ears, utilize those walking feet and be the good kid I know you are. Hopefully, you can start pronouncing your “M’s” and “D’s” correctly. ( animals=aminals/ delicious = malicious). Cracks me up every time. So many children these days do not know what it means to use respect. I hope and pray that you will be a light in the classroom.  Show the children that kindness wins. Be helpful and share your supplies. Offer help when people need it. On the flip side, do not be a doormat. 
  4. Kids can and WILL be mean. I wish I could place you in a protective bubble wrapped bubble the rest of your life. Children can and will be brutal. You will be teased and bullied. I want you to stick up for yourself in the kind way we have always taught you. Kill ’em with kindness sweetheart. Do not let anyone get you down, ever. Make a friend. Be THE good kid.  It’s so hard, but its the right thing to do! 
  5. Be yourself, honey. Mommy and Daddy know how stubborn you can be. That stubbornness is one of those qualities that can drive me crazy and make me smile at the same time. You are SO headstrong. You wear your feelings on your sleeve just like your Mommy. Do not ever loose that, honey. I cannot wait for your teacher to see all the cute little things you do. I wish she would get to know the beautiful girl I know. She will, in time and so will all your classmates. 

Good luck to all the mamas out there watching their babies take on the world!

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