How a Simple Note Made My Day

I need to set the stage first. I work at a local daycare with children every day. For the past two years, I’ve been working with the School Age kiddos (before and after school and I’ve done the summer program). I recently decided to make a move to work with the younger kiddos when I saw an opening. I’m ready for a change of pace. Something new. 

When I told them of my impending move, some of my kids were dancing, others were taking the move rather hard. School age classrooms can be hectic, busy and have lots of drama. It can be easy to get worn down and burned out. 

One morning in particular was making me wish I was anywhere else BUT my classroom. The kids did not have their listening ears on, did not use walking feet or use their inside voices. Everything was an argument.

I’m going to admit something that is hard for teachers to admit. Ready? 

I was FRUSTRATED. I was MAD. I was even a little short with some of the kids that were genuinely trying to help.

After I cleaned up breakfast, I walked toward my desk to breathe for a moment, when a little girl walked up to me and handed me a note. I thanked her and she skipped off. 

I opened it: “Thank you for being kind, Miss Melissa.”

-insert 2 by 4 over my head- 

Wow. All of the frustration and anger I had inside me melted away. I instantly felt guilty. 

I can get so wrapped up in everything going wrong, that I forget about how much goes right.

 flashback to my college graduation day. All those new-teacher-feelings. I was so excited and wanted to make a difference

I know, as a mother, wife and teacher, we can get frustrated. We loose our cool. We are NOT PERFECT. We FAIL. But Moms, I assure you that even in our failures, we do so much GOOD

I walked up to that little girl and thanked her again, told her that she made my day. That simple note put a spring in my step! I also thought about trying to show someone else around me gratitude, to pay it forward.

Sometimes, all it takes is to smile at the cashier at the grocery store. Or thank your husband for all he does for you by cooking him his favorite meal. Pay-it-forward at the drive thru.  A little bit of GOOD can go a long way. That little girl may not have understood the impact she had on me that day, but she made a difference. As adults, we can too. 

I kept the note, as a reminder. No way will that ever hit a trash can! I know someday, very soon, I’ll need to be reminded yet again to focus on the good, rather than the bad. 



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