Ideas for Creating Your Seasonal Bucket List

I don’t know about you, but everywhere I turn there are events and activities for kids. There is also an endless supply of ideas to do at home with your kids readily available on Pinterest. Here at CMB, we put out fantastic guides and resources for every season. There truly is something for everyone!

Here is where I struggle, though. These are all good things, but I just don’t have the time (or capacity) to do it all. Even though I know this is my head, it is easy to get sucked into feeling guilty if I don’t plan fun activities for my kids every waking hour. I can hop on Facebook or Instagram at any given time and see photos of kids doing various things around town or an awesome project at home. What I realized a few months ago, however, is that I really don’t want to do it all – and neither do my kids. I want to do a few things intentionally, allowing for free time and the ability to also do things spontaneously.

So, I started creating a seasonal bucket list every few months. I choose events around town and art projects on Pinterest. I also think about our own family traditions for different times of year and what is important for us to do. The key for me is that I look at everything and then decide what we want to prioritize. I keep this list relatively small, 10 or maybe 15 things, so it’s not overwhelming and totally attainable. I hang our list up and then we do our best to cross them all off. And guess what, if we don’t do it all I don’t stress! Some things we may be able to move to our next seasonal list and some we just forget about and move on. We also do things in addition to the list as they come up and as we see fit. For me, I just wanted a simple way to be intentional and focus on doing a few things well rather than running ourselves ragged trying to do too much.

Most of us don’t need help finding fun holiday activities, but as we settle into winter, here are a few ideas to get you started on your own seasonal family bucket list:

  • Bake cookies for a neighbor
  • Build a snowman
  • Read a book as a family by the fire
  • Create a winter-themed craft project
  • Invite a new friend over for a playdate
  • Make and send cards to people who need some cheering up
  • Build a fort and watch a movie in it
  • Go ice skating

What would you add to your Winter Bucket List?

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