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My Kid Thinks “The Rock” is the Tooth Fairy

I’m a horrible mom. I have failed miserably in the Tooth Fairy department. When our daughter was about five years old, she first started losing her teeth. She would give them to me, and she would ask when the Tooth Fairy would come. I kept telling her the Tooth Fairy was on vacation.

Then, she asked me one time what the Tooth Fairy brought, to which I replied, “What do you think the Tooth Fairy brings?” She said, “Cupcakes!” I asked her why she thought that. She told me that the Tooth Fairy was this really big guy that was bald, had a tutu, and brought cupcakes. I could not figure out for the life of me what she was talking about! I had to ask around and found out that she must have watched that Tooth Fairy movie with The Rock.  Oh, the revelation – The Rock is the Tooth Fairy!!! Oh, boy.

First, it’s a little creepy she thinks a big man is going to fly in her room at night wearing a tutu, but secondly, how in the world am I going to get a cupcake under her pillow?! So, I designed a card for her that had a picture of The Rock from the movie with a picture of a big, pretty cupcake, saying that she could redeem this card for one cupcake from her mom or dad.

But, I only did that once…

She’s lost like ten teeth. I told my mom around the time that Adilyn was five and a half that I was behind on like three teeth. She said, “Tell her that the Tooth Fairy lives in Florida and that she needs to write a note, and the Tooth Fairy will send her up some money for her teeth.” Thank goodness for my mother! Now, Ady writes her notes, and my mom (um, I mean the Tooth Fairy) sends notes back with cash. It’s a great system – completely nontraditional, but great.

My own parents were wonderful at the Tooth Fairy game. We put our tooth under our pillow, and without fail, a quarter or two would be waiting under it the next morning. One of my front teeth fell out while I was brushing my teeth, and my dad even took the whole sink and piping apart to try to find it for me. He never found the tooth, but he did find my mom’s engagement ring that had been lost for like six months. I wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy that time, and I had extra money under my pillow that next day!  

I totally believed in the Tooth Fairy for many years. My parents didn’t keep our teeth. I think it’s kind of cool to keep them. Ady may disagree with me one day, but I keep them in baggies and label which tooth it was on the outside with Sharpie. I have seen some very interesting boxes to save the teeth in – I think I’ll invest in one of those one day.

Parenthood is never perfect, but it is a fun adventure.  I will have a wonderful story to tell Adilyn when she gets older.  I am sure many families do the Tooth Fairy differently, and I’m sure that many others don’t do it at all.  Childhood traditions vary, but the variations that get passed down from generation to generation are part of the beauty of humanity and family.

P.S. I still have yet to watch that Tooth Fairy movie!!


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