10 Reasons I Procrastinate

A few weeks ago, my 4th grader had a project due for Entrepreneur Day. This was not my first experience with Entrepreneur Day, so I knew what was coming.

Teacher friends, please skip this sentence, but shoo, it’s a rough one, am I right?! Lots of parental attention, even if you aren’t helping, there is a lot of product to make, and short 4th-grade attention spans.

Sure, we had plenty of time to get started, we got the initial info way back in February, actually. And we tried. Then, we’d forget. Then, we’d get frustrated. Somehow it got to be the night before the project was due and there was still a lot to do. Procrastination at it’s finest, friends.

When that last minute rush is over, I often wonder how we got here. What were we doing instead of finishing the project? So I decided to reflect on it, and write about it!

So here are 10 Reasons I (and maybe you, too!) Procrastinate:

1- Facebook is much more interesting.

2- I’m tired.

3- Dinner needs to be cooked. Tomorrow. 

4- I have to write a blog post.

5- The baby is sleeping on me. She’s 5.

6- I’m cleaning out the refrigerator. And the pantry. And reorganizing the kitchen cabinets.

7- I missed “This Is Us” from a month ago.

8- I don’t have the supplies I need. And, I’ll probably forget them when I’m at the store.

9- I’m busy eating cake.

10- I know how much work is involved, and I don’t want to do it.

Why do you procrastinate?

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