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Dough From Scratch Parties at Pizzeria Locale {Easy, Fun, and SO Yummy!}

This post is part of a sponsored relationship with Pizzeria Locale, however we would not partner with a business we did not feel brings value to our readers. All opinions expressed are genuine.

In the hustle and bustle of mom life, planning a birthday party can be a chore. What will our theme be? Who should we invite? Where will it be? What kind of food should we make? All the usual questions and concerns flood our brain. This has been especially hard for me over the years with my younger son because his birthday is a month after Christmas. Not to take away from his birthday, but I’ve just barely recovered from Christmas, and here I go again trying to plan this next event.

But let me tell you something! This year, his party was PERFECT! It incorporated so many of my favorite things. Simplicity, hands on fun, with delicious and healthy food! Not only that, the planning was pretty much done for me, not to mention, the party itself is free!

I know what you’re thinking….What is this? Sign me up!

My son Ethan celebrated his 7th birthday with a Dough from Scratch Party at Pizzeria Locale. For my pizza-loving child (who would honestly eat pizza every day of the week if I would let him), this was a no-brainer! Not only did this cover his love of pizza, but as a mom, I could rest easy knowing that the dough is made with simple ingredients and the pizza toppings themselves are all fresh and organically grown. Not to mention the pizza at Pizzeria Locale is to die for! Did I mention they serve a Nutella Dessert Pizza?

Photo Credit: Ali Wolfe Photography

We arrived a little early at the pizzeria and were welcomed by Jim (the owner) and Rob (the general manager). They were engaging and made us feel right at home. They reached out to everyone as they came in. The customer service was top notch from the time the doors were opened until the last family left. It really was a wonderful atmosphere!

We started with a tour of the kitchen. Because of their commitment to overall quality and using only the best, healthy and organic ingredients, the kitchens are open for everyone to see. They believe in transparency in everything they do, being honest with their customers and providing the best dining experience from start to finish.

As we started our tour of the kitchen area, we saw their pizza oven. It’s run at 800-850 degrees, and rotates inside so that your pizzas are cooked in less then 4 minutes. (So when you’re on the go and busy but want a quick and healthy meal, this place fits the bill perfectly too!) Just because the food is fast, doesn’t meant it has to be low quality, and Pizzeria Locale is the perfect example of this!

Everyone present for the Dough from Scratch Birthday Party gathered around and watched as the dough was made. The dough at Pizzeria Locale is so special because it is made with simple ingredients and with great care. Every day the team makes dough using only flour, water, yeast and salt. This dedication to purity of ingredients is rare in American pizza places. The dough then proofs overnight before being balled and stretched 24 hours later for the guests.

Photo Courtesy of Ali Wolfe Photography

After we saw how they made their dough for their incredibly delicious pizzas, it was time for US to get our hands dirty! The set-up for the party was perfect. Not only did we have the pizzeria to ourselves, but they took care of all the set-up and had dough already made and ready to go for us. There were stations set up for all the kids at the party (and the parents if they wanted to participate, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to get involved?!). They had plenty of dough made for us that we all able to try our hand at stretching the dough several times. This helped us to perfect our pizza making abilities.







Photo Credit: Ali Wolfe Photography

All the staff at Pizzeria Locale were very hands on and worked very well with all the kids. We had kids aged from 18 months to 11 years old. They all were able to participate in one way or another, whether with the assistance of their parents or staff working at the party or on their own. I definitely have to say that Jim and the General Managers do a great job of catering the class to fit any age range. From what I could tell at our party, 4-5 years old seems to be the youngest that can work on their own and the older the kids, the more hands on the class becomes. We had a lot of fun during this part of the party!

Photo Credit: Ali Wolfe Photography

While we were learning how to properly stretch pizza dough and getting our hands messy with the dough from scratch party, the pizzeria staff was making pizzas for us. The best was yet to come! If you have never eaten at Pizzeria Locale (there are two Cincinnati locations to choose from), you are definitely missing out! We had samplings of some of their most popular pizzas, including the original pizza created almost 200 years ago, the Margherita, the Four Cheese and Mushroom, and my new favorite, Mais, which is mozzarella, crème fraiche, ham, corn, and garlic.

Photo Courtesy of Ali Wolfe Photography

Dough from Scratch Party Specifics:

I want to have a Dough from Scratch Party for my child’s next birthday. What do I need to do?!
The best way to schedule your next party would be to contact Chris Donato directly at [email protected]

What is the cost of the Dough from Scratch Parties?
The party itself is free. All you pay for is the cost of the pizzas that you eat. Pizzas range from $4.75 for a cheese to $8.25 for a Supreme and are all 11″ in diameter. Check out all your pizza flavor options here

What time should I plan for the party? How much time will this take?
The Dough from Scratch parties start at ten and you have the restaurant to yourself. The dough making part wraps up around 11 and then is normally followed with lunch. The larger the party, the longer it may take, but a portion of the time is allotted for eating the pizzas after making the dough.

Photo Courtesy of Ali Wolfe Photography

This mama is thoroughly impressed. The staff was outgoing and kind, the preparation was taken care of (and the clean up!), and the pizza was delicious. This hands on birthday party idea is not only unique, but it’s also an affordable and healthy option for any type of occasion. Not only is this perfect for a birthday party, but also for scout outings, homeschool field trips, or even a family get together.

Just as gardening teaches kids where their food comes from, Dough From Scratch classes introduce kids to the idea of cooking. Pizza doesn’t grow on trees, although that would be amazing! Teaching kids to understand that their food is made with ingredients and that those ingredients matter is a worthwhile life lesson. Some of the greatest chefs started in their family kitchen at a young age and this party, while fun, absolutely fosters a life-long curiosity about food. It’s a perfect introduction to cooking and healthy living.

2 Responses to Dough From Scratch Parties at Pizzeria Locale {Easy, Fun, and SO Yummy!}

  1. Kara April 5, 2017 at 8:03 pm #

    This looks fantastic! I am planning a field trip there with my school group. Question – do the kids actually get to make pizza (beyond just stretching the dough)…or is the actual pizza making handled by the staff? Just wondering how involved it will be for the kids. Thanks!

  2. Abby Turner April 6, 2017 at 1:46 pm #

    The staff makes the pizzas based on what you order. You can choose any of the pizzas and then they’ll be making them while you are touring the kitchen and making the dough. You’ll see first hand how the dough is made and get to watch them making the pizzas for you. We had kids from age 2 to 12 and it was great for all of them. Very hands on!

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