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The Toddler’s Bill of Rights in Public Places

It’s been a year since Jane the Virgin star Justin Baldoni posted this picture on Twitter, and it has impacted the way I parent every day since then. Baldoni, standing with his father, watching an epic toddler meltdown in a grocery store, wrote about “being comfortable in the uncomfortable” which encompasses 99 percent of toddler parenting anyway. His post […]

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August Family Fun in Cincinnati & NKY {2018}

An Apothecary Soul Garden Through August 19 Krohn Conservatory 1501 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45202 Tuesday – Sunday 10am-5pm $4 adult, $2 youth (5-17), 4 and under FREE Take a stroll through the apothecary garden filled with herbs and healing plants. Not only will you learn about traditional remedies and recipes used to treat […]

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Letting Our Shy Children Call the Shots: What Do We Do?

As parents, we face situations where we have no idea what to do or say. We go back and forth, in our head, trying to determine the right action. The most recent incident involved my very shy three-year-old. Do I force him out of his comfort zone or do I give in? My three-year-old recently […]

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One Last Chance: How Having Multiples Makes You Want to Multiply

For the record (and for anyone I know who may read this) – no, I am not pregnant. But the thought of being pregnant again doesn’t exactly sound terrible. You see – having multiples had opposite effects on my husband and me.  He is FOR CERTAIN done.  I mean done done. As in, if it wouldn’t cost […]

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