Receive the New Pace

Oh hey you, summer breaker mama, who took it slow and savored those lingering days with rest and reprieve together and marked the days with a schedule that allowed for spontaneity of come what may.


Often times a mom undergoes a nostalgic fog from the summer highs and may wrestle through the new expectation of school lived season mode. 

When one speaks of summer break, a wide range of sentiments echo throughout in expression:

Ah to embrace the joys of lingering slow mornings and the sunlit hours of a summer night…

What joy to receive days that offer greater margin to simply just be…

How uplifting to feel oneself free from a schedule difficult to balance…

Sweet connection to have all kids gathered around investing in the tribe of togetherness…

Oh, the memories made from week-long family trips and other memory maker adventures…

Strengthening moments to live within the bounds of low expectations…


One may read those words and see no relation due to a summer of extreme busyness and scheduling craziness and that is a different voice I know. Every family holds their needs and their expectations for how to spend summer break and often times it fuels their home with the pace that they have set. Rest assured though that these words are still for you!

Our family has been in the middle of a healing journey from my car accident back injury, so the summer has had its adventurous plan, but the moments filling my children’s laughter at home was the simplistic fun of water hose and crazy sprinklers. The expression runs deep that, “you never know what you need until it hits you”, and I received this pace as I was forced into a restful posture. Although it has been difficult to not feel my full functioning self, I have grown to value the summer of pace that we have been granted.

This posture of summer slowness leads me into the battleground of stepping into a new transition. 

I know I must arm up to prepare myself for the changes that are approaching our family.

I keep hearing four words ring throughout my spirit, “Receive a new pace.

I had to receive the call of a summer break full of its healing, down in the bed and stilled moment type of days and I know that as I rise from it and face the new school days approaching that I must embrace and protect the pace.

There are those of you Mamas who have had a summer where the thought of entering a new schedule, with different expectations, and with all the moving parts that comes with it fills you with borderline anxiety and bombarding thoughts of your readiness. This healing journey I have learned the powerful force of speaking affirmations to myself and willing my attitude to accept my circumstance and position myself for it.

Let us gather around & speak some summer transition affirmations to prepare our hearts…

I will receive the grandness of summer and carry my joy from it into this new school year pace.

I will protect my schedule and say yes to the moments that will fuel us with encouragement and say no to the places that would defeat our spirits.

I will carve out rest for myself and build up some personal growth time so that I am pouring from a full cup.

I will choose a posture of enough and will not be consumed by the places of comparison that could steal my joy.

I will not commit myself to be “all the things for all the people” as I will create our schedule to match the needs of our family in this particular season.

I will take the memories from our summer tribe togetherness and maintain it through family dinners, date nights, and other carved out spaces together.

I will value the gift of presence in this new season and will not give praise to a life of busy in the wrong places, for I will be RECEIVING MY PACE AND PROTECTING IT WITH INTENTION.

Mama, do not believe the lie that just because it is a new pace that you must run as fast as your body could take you. Take the breathing slow of summer and apply it to this new season with intention to guard your space and know your places of enough.


What are some other affirmations that you can speak to yourself in this change the pace season?



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