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Oogoolz.  The name alone is enough to intrigue you.  (It becomes even better when your three year old tries to say it.)  But, despite the exotic name of this product, the beauty is actually in its simplicity.

Design it. Align it. Wear it. Share it. Collect them all!

Simply put, Oogoolz is a way for young children to design their own jewelry.  But, it doesn’t stop there.  The decorative charms can be removed and reused in a completely new design or traded with friends to share the fun.

Oogoolz PackageI got to put this product to the test with my daughters. For those of you with young kids, you know how exciting it was for them to get to sort through all of the different packages before we even opened them.  From there, both my 5 yr old and my 3 yr old dove right in.  They sorted the charms and decided who would get which ones.  They picked their favorite band colors.  And then they built their bracelets.  You have no idea how much strategy went into the design.  No joke, there was some serious pre-planning as to which images could go by which and what colors matched the best with others.

Oogoolz2There are a few things I feel are worth special mention with regards to Oogoolz.  The product is really well made.  The bands themselves are sturdy and will hold up to the inevitable wear and tear they will get from being re-designed over time.  The band also has a special feature that allows you to cut it to fit smaller wrists, (which we did have to do).  There are notches on the reverse side of the bracelet which make it really easy to size and cut as needed.  The charms themselves, are also high quality.  They are made of metal, not plastic and the images and colors are vibrant and glossy. They are really pretty to look at. More than that though, they fit the notches on the band really well.  I will admit that initially I was a little worried that the charms were going to end up all over the place, but once on, they stay put through even the roughest preschool play.

Oogoolz3Which leads me to the activity itself.  The product is designed for children ages three and older, and I would stick with that recommendation as the smaller metal pieces would not be ideal for children who still tend to put things in their mouths.  I will say that Oogoolz does involve pretty advanced fine motor skills.  This is not a bad thing, and was in fact, part of what made it a more engaging activity for my older daughter.  My three year old did end up requiring some assistance from her big sister to get some of her charms onto her band due to the tighter fit, but I think with some practice she will be independent soon enough.

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The bottom line straight from my daughter’s mouth:

My bracelet’s are super cool!

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