Ode to the Store That Shall Not Be Named

Oh, sweet store,

With your white and red decor.

I long to spend quality time with you,

And leave my inhibitions at the door.

Before I even begin,

I have my short list in my head.

Yet once again,

Starbucks coffee gives me amnesia instead.

The dollar section calls me,

“You need me! Take me home!”

Of course, I need a new chalkboard,

Character socks for the kids, and a garden gnome!

I meander down the main aisle,

Getting whiplash from looking left and right,

I think to myself, “That purse matches those boots!

And add that sweater? What a sight!”

New undies for the husband,

The cute one with the bears playing in the snow,

Because after he sees this trip’s receipt,

They are sure to soften the blow.

Up next is the kid’s clearance.

I always buy a season ahead.

But seriously, who could pass up $3 sweatpants,

That are perfect for a playdate or bed?

With my cart half full of treasures,

I had no idea I would find,

It suddenly takes on a mind of its own,

And heads straight for the wine!

Cheese, bread, and milk go in the basket,

After all, I’m 90% sure they were on my list.

But the travel mug sure wasn’t,

Or the charcoal facemask, highlighters…. you get the gist.             

I save the best for last:

The home decor department.

It’s full of towels, comforters, and curtains.

I can barely contain my excitement!

Finally, I head to the checkout,

Not a single clearance endcap overlooked.

Of course, I’m saving 5% today,

Because let’s face it, I’m hooked.

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  1. Barbara March 20, 2018 at 2:58 pm #

    Well written story !!

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