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No More Smart Phone Shaming

CellShamingWe have all seen the pictures going around with the blank stares of people holding their phones, no so subtly letting us know how far removed from their lives they are because of them. We have seen the posts about the mom on her phone at the park. Seen the father at dinner not engaging anyone because he is looking at his phone.

I am the first to admit that our society is incredibly focused on our smart phones. There is a definite increase in the amount of time and energy put into these tiny electronic devices that we can take anywhere. But, instead of shaming these parents for being present with their phones, how about we just focus on the fact that they are present!

If you see me out, I will have my phone. I always have my phone. I do not carry it to distract myself from my children, or to avoid engaging in conversation. It is the opposite of these things.

imageIf I am at the park with my children, you can bet I have my phone out. I am adding to the 4700 pictures I have taken with it. In the 90’s if a mother had her camera at the park no one batted an eyelash. Now our phones are our camera, so yes mom with her cell phone at the park, I see you taking pictures!

If I am at a store I will have my phone. Many years ago I may have had coupons and been looking through those, no one would bat an eyelash. Now I have an app for every store that I can use instead of coupons. So, this is how I save money -with my phone.

When it comes to meal time at our house, we have a rule, no electronics. But, if my husband is the dad you see on his phone then he is also the dad who made an effort to eat dinner with us during his crazy work schedule. He is the dad who left his desk and his work to be with his family and may have to take an email or phone call. In return we get to have him at the dinner table and spending time with us.

My phone is my office. My email is on it, my kids medical records, school records, my calendar, my addresses and so much more! Yes sometimes I am sharing pictures on Facebook or shopping on Amazon. Sometimes I even let my baby have my phone to watch Mickey Mouse. But, it doesn’t make my life anything less and it doesn’t make me less of a mom.

So, the next time you see a post shaming someone for being on their phone with their kids around, let it go. This is the age we live in. It isn’t the 50’s anymore and it never will be. It is okay to have your phones… this mom won’t judge.

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