Momma’s Morning Playlist

I’ve always dreamt of being a morning person. To wake up with motivation to take on the day, smiling and bursting with positivity and energy. But that, unfortunately, is not me. I am more of the hit the snooze button 27 times, stay in a zombie state for the first couple hours kind of girl. Many of my friends rave that the best thing they ever did was wake up before their kids to have time just to themselves. Cue biggest eye roll ever. Maybe its because, as mentioned before, I am averse to mornings. Maybe its because I’m still waking up several times a night with our kids. Maybe I’m just being a hater. But no thanks, that is just not where I’m at right now. However, this hasn’t stopped me from looking for other ways to make mornings a little sweeter, and in turn, set a better precedent for our whole day.

While I am not a morning person, I am a musical one. Short of Jesus himself, there are not many things that have the ability to guide my emotions quite like music. Be it powerful, truth speaking lyrics or the beckoning of a mesmeric melody. Music just gets to me. So it made for an obvious addition to our morning routine.

I believe that gratitude is the antidote to the sickness of discontent. To start my day listening to words and music that encourage and lift me up creates a posture that counters my inner grumbling and darkness. Nobody wants to start the day being grumpy and short with their kids. Your morning can turn from bad attitudes and spilled milk to a dance party… and spilled milk. The difference is immeasurably different. So now while I’m scrambling eggs and wiping spit-up off my shirt, my girls and I are singing along with Adele. While I’m doing dishes and picking Cheerios up off the floor, we’re dancing to Beyoncé. 

Below is one of my go-to playlists. It’s one that lets me wade into the morning rather than cannon balling. There is a place for a gentle coddle before the “go get ‘em” anthem. I find myself needing that in the morning more often than not. Mornings should have a bit of both, so should life.

Momma’s Morning Playlist

  1. Give Me Jesus- Bethel Music
  2. So Will I- Hillsong United 
  3. O Come to the Alter- Elevation Worship
  4. Friends- Bon Iver w/ Francis and the Lights
  5. Home- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
  6. Pilot Me- Josh Garrels
  8. Don’t you Worry ‘Bout a Thing- John Legend
  9. Keep your Head Up- Andy Grammar
  10. Shake it Out- Florence + the Machine
  11. Do it Alone- Sugarcult
  12. Up Around the Bend- Creedence Clearwater Revival

Your day doesn’t have to start with the driving drum and goosebumps inducing guitar riff of Sunday Bloody Sunday (though little else gets me in gear like that) or the pop-drenched silliness of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”. Perhaps a softer, more ethereal track by Jonsi to gently coax you to the morning. Or maybe the uplifting funk of Charles Wright’s “Express Yourself” is more your speed. Music speaks to us all in different ways, that’s the beauty of it. We’re each at different places and have different styles and backgrounds so you choose what fits and speaks to your life right now. And in this season of life that sometimes changes daily. Sometimes hourly. Give it a go tomorrow morning. Make your playlist and turn up the volume a couple extra notches and see if it doesn’t make the morning a little less dreadful and a little more fun.

Rock on, friends.

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