What Mommy REALLY Wants for Her Birthday

If you have a kid that’s not of babysitting or working age, you’ve probably heard these words: “Mommy, I want to get you a birthday present. Can you give me some money to buy it?” Why would I want to spend my own money for my kid to give me something that will probably end up in the trash in a couple months?

This year, I heard the same thing again. I responded, “You know what mommy really wants for her birthday?” She says, “What?” I tell her I want a kid who:

  • Makes all the right choices
  • Is responsible
  • Is respectful
  • Picks up after herself
  • Uses her manners

And, I tell her that none of that costs any money at all. I would love nothing more than a handmade card and for the type of kid described above.

For the most part, she’s a good kid, but there are always things we’re constantly working on with her. If I could just have one day – or one weekend – of the “perfect” kid, that would be the most incredible birthday present anyone could ever give me. I would love just one day where I didn’t have to say, “Stop doing that…  Remember to do this…  Why did you do that…?  Why did you make this mess…?”

She assured me for the few weeks leading up to my birthday that she was going to give me what I wanted for my day, and she was even going to help me with my chores around the house, so I could “relax”. Did I get any of that for my birthday this year?  No. But, don’t worry, I’m going to ask for the same thing next year and the year after that and the year after that… 😉  One day, I’ll get my day.  All of us moms out there deserve it!

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