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Mommy Alert Levels


All moms have limits. During a recent weather report on the news I realized those limits look a lot like the levels of severe weather alerts. As a stay at home mom of two boys, here is my take on the mommy alert levels:

Green: No Severe Weather

This would be when your children are playing peacefully together, napping/sleeping at the same time. My favorite is when both my guys are wanting to hear a story and sit nicely with me for a few books. Mom is ready to freeze this moment for all eternity.

Yellow: Be Aware

Things are still going pretty well, but maybe someone threw his applesauce at the dog. Or dumped a bucket of water on his little brother in the bath. There are no tears, but a little bit of stubbornness is showing through.  Mom is about ready for another cup of coffee and the good chocolate.

Orange: Be Prepared

Both kids start fussing at the same time the dog goes nuts. The toddler does and does not want his water cup at the same time. The baby got himself stuck against the couch trying to scoot himself around. Mom starts thinking about what she “needs” at Target the minute dad gets home.

Red: Take Action

No one has slept. All. Day. Or, night, for that matter. There are tears at every turn, (both mom and kids) and for all the effort, nothing mom does makes anyone happy. Mom is about ready to book a 2 week cruise. For herself. Only herself.

Then, after the storm, there is calm again in the form of two kids sleeping all night like nothing happened, and another day starts fresh again!

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