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One Minute Inside a Mom’s Head: Laundry Pile Edition


Holy bleep… how long have these clothes been sitting here? Why do we keep putting them in the most comfortable chair in the house? Ugh, it makes this whole room look awful. This room is stressful right now. I HAVE to put them away at nap. I’d basically rather do anything else at nap. I really just want to veg and check my Facebook/ Instagram. I spend way too much time on social media. Or I could read my beach read-esque book. It is way funnier than I thought it would be. I have to go to sleep earlier. I stayed up way too late reading last night. Okay, okay, finish folding and put the clothes away, Courtney. The dressers in this house are shamefully empty. If you don’t, H-money is going to scatter them around the floor and I will have to refold.


After folding approximately two shirts at nap time…

This job would be better with some chocolate. Why is Toblerone so good? Maybe I need one more triangle. I’ve only had two. That’s not even a fun size Snickers. Crap, I’m going to eat the whole freaking Toblerone soon. Okay, focus. Why are we always behind on laundry? Are other people this behind on laundry? Do they have a laundry chair? I hope so. I still have like 5 loads in the laundry room and they are the clothes I actually wear. We have way too many clothes. Operation purge and giveaway starts this weekend. Oh man, why can I still see clementine on H’s clothes? Shouldn’t that come right off? OMG, please tell me this was washed!

Pat on the back girl, you’re making progress. Oh man, am I going to be done with this before he wakes up? His little clothes are so cute. I wish I liked my clothes as much as I like his. Focus. Okay, am I really going to wear this shirt again? Oh no, did I just hear the baby on the monitor? Not yet, not yet. I’m not done. Go back to sleep little buddy, mom doesn’t want to work on this tonight. Lies. I know I won’t work on this tonight. I’ll just act like I am going to and watch last night’s Modern Family and Blackish.


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