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make a mess: Fire Truck

This was a fun make a mess at The Blue Manatee, and it was the first one in which my son actually participated, so I am all kinds of excited to share this with you!

firetruckcoverOur inspiration was Peter Sis’ Fire Truck.  This simple book is about a little boy who loves fire trucks so much, he actually becomes one!  It covers all of the parts of the firetruck and what they do, so it perfect for toddlers who love fire trucks.  I would highly recommend this book in board book format, as it has a gatefold (flappy) page that will probably get roughhoused often.  Our personal copy was munched on, and is still in pretty good shape.

Here’s what you need:

  • White paper (I like 12’x 18″)
  • Red construction paper (I cut 9″x 12″ paper into 6″ x 12″ rectangles, then rounded the corners to look like the big fire truck in the book)
  • Glue
  • Food pouch tops or round objects
  • Black washable paint
  • Plate as a palette
  • White sticker labels, such as address labels
  • Small Round stickers
  • Oil pastels or Construction Paper Crayons

Here’s what we did:

Each child started out with a blank white piece of paper, and one rounded red rectangle. I gave them glue in silicon cupcake cups (which are great because you can just flip them inside out and crack out the glue once the glue dries) and a brush, but you can certainly use a glue stick.  I demonstrated how to apply the glue to one side of the fire truck in all of the corners.

IMG_2455Then, we flip it over to make the fire truck stick.  No more glue was needed, so I quickly picked up the brushes.

I then gave them each a top of a baby food pouch (can’t stop, won’t stop with those) to use as a stamp for a wheel in some washable black paint.  You could use a two-liter lid, a sponge, or a round stamp for these, but I also liked how the baby food pouch top had that little dot in the middle.  I just used a paper plate as a palette, with a blob on each.

IMG_2458 To make head/tail lights, I gave my friends little round white stickers, which I believe are available at Staples-ish stores.


We used larger address-type label stickers for the windshield and other windows of the fire truck. I then gave them oil pastels, with which they could draw ladders, hoses, boots, etc. I love oil pastels because they show up on any type or color of paper and they are a bit “fancier” than crayons.

IMG_2468Their work ended up being absolutely adorable!  This week is Fire Prevention Week, so I thought this was a very fitting art project, and one that all of our friends could enjoy.

IMG_2467If you’re wondering what the fire truck in the book “should” look like (if an adult made it, that is), check out the book at your local bookstore or library!

Happy Reading and Creating!

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2 Responses to make a mess: Fire Truck

  1. Tiffany October 10, 2014 at 10:25 am #

    N had lots of fun making this! She was very excited to show daddy when he got home from work, and explain all the parts (even though we missed the actual story due to sloth like walking in the rain with an awkward to carry umbrella, and a sleepy mom of a newborn and toddler.) We love Make a Mess at the Manatee!

  2. Kelli October 10, 2014 at 10:22 pm #

    Thanks, Tiffany!

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