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Making Memories Affordable with JCPenney Portraits Outdoor Photography

This post is part of a sponsored relationship, however we would not partner with a business if we did not feel it brought value to our readers.

When is the last time you had family pictures taken?

There are few things in life that really capture each age and phase of our unique and individual families like the perfectly timed click of a camera. Whether it’s catching that rubber-band wrist baby chunk, toothless grin or Alfalfa hair that just won’t slick down, the camera has a way of finding those age-unique details and freezing that moment, preserving them forever in print. If you and your family have not updated these treasured moments in your photo or digital albums recently, you won’t regret giving JCPenney Portraits outdoor photography a call!

What Makes JCPenney Portraits Outdoor Photography Unique?

  • Convenience – The JCPenney Portraits website makes it incredibly easy to locate information for outdoor photography. Details pertaining to everything you need to know about pictures are readily available with just a few keyboard clicks. Prices, locations, photographer information, day-of details, ordering details are all right there.
  • ValueSession fees for JCPenney Portraits outdoor photography are incredibly reasonable and 1 high resolution image is included. Within a few days after your session, you’ll receive an email to view your photo gallery right from the comfort of your own computer. There are packages priced to suit every budget.  
  • Personal touch – Throughout the entire process, our photographer, Robin, really went out of her way to get to know us. When we booked, she asked lots of questions and truly listened to what we wanted from our family photos and really seemed to want to get a sense of who we were as a family so that she could capture that essence.  She called a few days before our session to answer any questions that may have come up and to find out what we were planning to wear and if we were planning to bring anything special.  She gave us some great expert tips on colors, settings and textures, but also seemlessly implemented ideas that we had.

  • Family Oriented – These sessions really make it a cinch for families. The 30 minute time slot is perfect for capturing a variety of posed and unposed moments, but moves quickly enough that everyone, including dad, is smiling and happy the whole time. And because the session is outdoor at a park, everyone can hop on a swing or master those monkey bars all in the same afternoon!  
  • Pet Oriented – Depending on which location you schedule, pets may even be allowed! If you’re looking to have your furry friend get in on the action, be sure to talk about this with your photographer at the time of booking.

Tips to Make Your Session Go Smoothly:

  • Clothing – Keep it simple and comfortable! Since you will be outside, there is definitely a more casual, relaxed feel.  And, plan on walking around a bit to find the best lighting and settings. Leave those stilettos at home!

  • Ask Before you Get There – You’ll talk with your photographer when booking and then again during your reminder call. These are both great times to ask for specific poses, groupings, questions about props or any special accommodations. You don’t want to use up your session time figuring details out while you’re there!
  • Just Relax – Remember to have fun with it and to keep the mood light! It’s always nerve-wracking to wonder what the camera is going to highlight! And, often frustrating when you have a blinker or a pouter. But, remember that your photographer is snapping a lot more moments than you see, and that all the best shots will show up in your email gallery for you to choose from. And, while a furrowed brow in a picture may not be the goal, that candid moment just may turn out to be your favorite!
  • Don’t forget the Restroom! – Make sure to leave a few minutes prior to your session to take any small children to the restroom one last time before meeting up with your photographer!   

After your Session:

  • Your photographer will provide you with a card that includes contact information, turn around time, and website information. You will also confirm the email address where you’d like your proof gallery sent.
  • You will receive an email within a day or two providing you with reminders of package pricing and giving you a chance to leave any feedback!
  • Within a week, you’ll receive your photo gallery, and that’s when you get to ooh and aah over each captured moment! We love the option to order the high-res digital album (accompanied with a release form) as it is so hard to pick. That way, you can use your images for family gifts on coffee mugs, magnets and even calendars in addition to framing a few for the walls and coffee table!

Now it’s your Turn!

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Our family truly loved our experience (and the results!) of our session. Beautiful, budget-friendly family photos are really that easy with JCPenney Portraits outdoor photography. Book your appointment today!

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  1. Becky June 1, 2017 at 9:19 am #

    We love Robin from JCP! Looks like she did an awesome job with your family, too!

  2. Laura June 2, 2017 at 9:19 pm #

    Thank you! Robin is just awesome, isn’t she? I loved how great she was to work with and how simple the whole photo process at JCP was!

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