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We Love Cincinnati: Food

This momma loves Cincinnati. And food. And she looooovvvvveeeees Cincinnati food!

Cincinnati is full of quirky food. But… we would never put cole slaw and french fries on our sandwiches, like our Pittsburgh friends. ‘Cause that’s just weird!

These are the places people have  probably heard of before Cincinnati was on their radar, and I am a firm believer you can’t call yourself a Cincinnatian without trying these. Because once you tell someone you are from Cincinnati, you will surely be asked about them! 

Happy eating!

cincinnati-foodCincinnati Style Chili: This includes the likes of Skyline Chili, Gold Star Chili, Blue Ash Chili, Price Hill Chili, and Camp Washington Chili. You will find the one you love, the one you hate, and the ones you tolerate. The first step to Cincinnati Style Chili is forgetting everything you know about chili. Everything. The second step is to order a 3-way, 4-way or 5-way. This will ensure you get maximum Cincinnati flavor. They will pile your plate high with spaghetti, chili, and cheese.  If you order a 4-way, you’ll pick either onions or beans. A 5-way will give you both. Be sure you CUT each bite like you would cut chicken – this will give you the correct proportion of spaghetti, chili and cheese in every bite. DO NOT TWIRL THE SPAGHETTI. Just don’t do it. You will hate it the first time, but try it again. When you do love it, you can find it in your local grocery store so you can make it at home!

LaRosa’s Pizza: In 1954, Cincinnati local, Buddy LaRosa opened the first LaRosa’s on the West Side. LaRosa’s serves a slew of specialty pizzas, and a million choices of toppings, if one of the specialty pizzas doesn’t catch your eye. For the non-pizza lover, LaRosa’s also offers calzones, hoagys, salads and pasta. Every Monday and Tuesday, they host Spaghetti A-Plenty night – where you can eat all the spaghetti and meatballs you can fit in your belly for $5.99 a person, and the kids get their spaghetti meal for 99 cents. Just like with Cincinnati Style Chili, your grocery store carries LaRosa’s sauce so you can top your own pizza with their special recipe.

Montgomery Inn: “Rib King” Ted Gregory started serving ribs to Cincinnati in 1951. You can now enjoy Montgomery Inn’s famous ribs at four area locations: The Original in Montgomery, the Boathouse on the river downtown, in Ft. Mitchell, KY and if you’re craving ribs but find yourself further north, in Dublin. It might seem weird, but order those yummy ribs with their {also} famous Saratoga chips – and go ahead and dip them in the BBQ sauce they serve on the side. You won’t be sorry!

Tom+Chee: You may remember Tom+Chee from “Shark Tank.” While Tom+Chee can be found in 15 states, you can be sure you’ve got some choices around Cincinnati: downtown, West Chester, Newport, KY, and on the westside on Harrison Avenue. I mean – comfort food meets quirky grownup flavor? What’s not to love? You’ll love the classic Tom+Cheese, but they have something for everyone. They pride themselves on serving everyone, no matter what. You’ll find gluten free bread, vegetarian soup, and vegan cheese.

Graeter’s Ice Cream: Now that you’ve had dinner, let’s move on to dessert. Graeter’s is now under the 4th generation of Graeter family management and ownership. At Graeter’s you’ll find an array of handcrafted, hand-scooped hard ice cream. If you’re a chocolate lover, you will love the huge chocolate chunks as a result of their French Pot Process. If you’re not feeling scooped ice cream, try one of their Double Dip Soda’s and sip your extra serving of protein. You can find a Graeter’s all over town these days, practically on every corner!

Enjoy eating your way through these classic Cincinnati destinations!

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