Kindness “Rocks” with CMB!

The Kindness Rocks Project is a movement to promote kindness and sharing throughout the world. Paint a rock with an inspirational message or picture, leave it in a public place. Find one and take one, pass it along or spread it around. It is a way to be mindful that we are just one person in a larger world and even the smallest gestures can have an impact.

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Here at CMB, we decided to create our own version of the Kindness Rocks Project. My daughter and I worked on creating 25 rocks, marked with CMB 2017 on the back and we will work on hiding rocks near our home in Cottell Park, Sharon Woods and VOA Park.

If you find one of our rocks, take a photo and post it in our Facebook group.

If you haven’t found a rock, but would like to play along, feel free to join our group and paint your own rocks to start spreading cheer across the Cincy/NKY area. We will post some printable labels to include on your rocks in our new Facebook Group.

The link to our closed FB group is below – all are welcome to join!
Cincy Moms Rock

When you find a rock, take the rock along to place in another part of town to be found. Hopefully, we can spread kindness across the city! Feel free to add your own rocks to our collection. Just post what park you placed your rocks in our Facebook group so everyone knows where to look!

Together we can help spread a little kindness to all.

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