When I Can’t Be Everywhere: Kate’s Plate

This post is part of a sponsored relationship, however, all opinions expressed are genuine. We are thrilled to be able to support this growing local small business.

I was finally taking my dog on a much-needed Sunday afternoon walk around the neighborhood. As we enjoyed the fresh air and quiet, I began to mentally scroll through Monday’s to-do list. The plan was to visit my parents who live about an hour away, but as I added up the day’s other commitments, I realized how impossible that plan seemed.

Our oldest child, with a summer job but not yet old enough to drive, needed a ride. The middle child had a somewhat necessary practice, with his “big tournament” in just a few days. And the youngest had practice as well—totally skip-able except we had committed to carpool. Another family was counting on us for a ride. A visit to my parents, the chores I was planning to help with, and the meals I was hoping to put in their freezer would have to be postponed. Again. 

We obviously live in abundance in many ways, for which I am grateful. Yet, there are some things that always seem in short supply—the “peace and quiet” my husband requests at every gift-giving holiday, a completed to-do list, enough time and attention for everyone who needs it.

With aging parents and three active children, there just isn’t enough to go around.

I have been diligent at seeking solutions, but effective ones are scarce. A calendar app that automatically sends reminders, carpools,  Amazon Prime, and Kate’s Plate are some of my wins.

Those weeks when I can’t possibly accomplish all the things for which I am responsible, Kate’s Plate can be the extra “me” I need. When I can’t get to my parents’ house to fill their refrigerator with a few meals, Kate’s Plate can take care of that for me. When I have to drop everything at home for an emergency with my parents, Kate’s Plate can make sure my kids aren’t surviving on peanut butter and pizza rolls. When I need a break from the endless planning, shopping, and prepping that feeding our crew demands, Kate’s Plate can help with that too.


All the ingredients for dinner delivered to your door, packaged to stay cold for the entire day so you don’t have to rush home. Salmon infused with the woodsy flavor of cedar and a creamy dill sauce, along with fresh asparagus and lemon orzo salad.

I choose Kate’s Plate because the meals I order are just the sort I would make if I were doing the cooking myself:

  1. Fresh, organic, and local. Whenever possible, I shop the farmer’s market for the freshest, healthiest, tastiest ingredients I can find. Kate’s Plate shops the same way, using local and organic ingredients whenever possible.
  2. Variety and favorites. I’m not the sort of person who does tacos every Tuesday or Sunday pot roast every week; I like variety. On the other hand, my kids like the same family favorites over and over. So I mix it up each week with some of both. Kate’s Plate offers a variety of familiar flavors, like buffalo chicken and fajitas, with a few adventurous options mixed in. Check out the current menu HERE.
  3. Prep ahead for easy weeknight cooking. In a perfect world, I spend part of Sunday doing all the washing, chopping, mixing, and measuring. With fruits, vegetables, dressings, and marinades prepared for the week’s dinners, I can get food on the table fast. While I don’t often accomplish this on my own, Kate’s Plate does. Everything is delivered to my door perfectly prepped and ready to go. 
  4. Simple and easy. When I can’t be there to cook for my children or my parents, I try to make sure the instructions and steps are as simple possible so even my eleven-year-old can get dinner on the table if necessary. Kate’s Plate provides easy, step-by-step instructions that even a beginner cook can follow.
  5. Flexibility. Each week, I look at our calendar and decide how much time I can spend on cooking each day. Which days will we be eating at home? Will we be eating at the table, or do we need something that we can eat on-the-go in the car? Likewise, each week I can customize my order with one meal or several and choose how many servings of each. Most importantly, each meal description tells me exactly how long it will take to complete so I can plan my time accordingly.

One More Thing to Note

Ordering from Kate’s Plate lets Cincinnati families Shop Local! Started in Dayton, Ohio by a local mom, Kate’s Plate expanded to the Cincinnati market this summer. Not only does this service help make my life a little easier, but it also lets me feel good about supporting a local small business.


Fresh, fast, and delicious. Steak fajitas with black bean and corn salsa. A family favorite everyone loves.

I never imagined how demanding this period of life would be. More and more frequently, I can’t figure out how to fit it all in. I am so grateful to find help managing our meals when my time and energy are stretched thin. Kate’s Plate ensures my whole family eats well even when I can’t always be where I’m needed.

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