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Instagram Dreams Are Made of This…Photo-Worthy Scenes with Your Kids Around Cincinnati

Dreams are Made of ThisConfession – my phone has 1,202 pictures, 33 videos and one weird time-lapse video that I cannot, I stress CANNOT, bear to part with because the majority of these memories are of my babies. An hour after I lay my sweet (albeit occasionally naughty), toddler twins down to sleep from a particularly strenuous day, I find myself pulling out my phone to look at old photos because I miss them??!! What??!! Motherhood is crazy. Nobody warned me about this love.

There are just so many cool spots around Cincinnati I want to explore (and possibly wrangle) with my kids. Thus, in no particular order, a few Cincinnati picture destinations that are definitely worthy for family albums (read: that baby book I’ve been meaning to finish):

•Ault Park (Hyde Park) – Manicured lawns, a playground to entertain the rowdiest of bunches and a stately pavilion are just a few reasons why this park is charming. Bring along a picnic and take a snap before your toddler palms ketchup all over your white jeans and your other toddler runs away. Not that that has happened to me or anything.

My kids, probably trying to run from me.

My kids, probably trying to run from me.

•Findlay Market (OTR) – Shop, eat, people watch, repeat. This used to be me until I had kids. Now I think we’re the people being watched. Regardless, I love this place. Every street, building, shop display is bursting with color. You can’t take a bad picture here. Unless you have a Belgian waffle stuffed in your mouth, which still couldn’t be that bad.

•Blooms and Berries (Loveland, Ohio) – Pick a season, any season. Strawberries, pumpkins, sunflowers, farm animals, wagon rides, etc. AND Mariah Carey shot her Hallmark Channel movie at the farm last year. Hallmark Channel means serious memories, people. I rest my case.

•The Cincinnati Library (Downtown, 40 plus branch locations) – My kids love books. What better way to remember that time in their lives when they were more into books than just pop culture magazines. Who could they have learned that from? Bonus points for anyone who can recreate Harry Potter and co. in Hogwarts Library.

•Washington Park (OTR) – So many events, so little memory on my phone left. One of my favorites – kids yoga on Wednesday mornings because we can’t always namasté in bed (although I try). Plus, those pint-sized yoga pants from Target are calling my daughter’s name.

•Paul Brown Stadium (Downtown) – This shot requires some pre-planning via a scheduled tour, but imagine your little fan pre-gaming in the Bengal’s locker room. I foresee a lot of Ickey Shufflin’ and Heisman poses in your near future.

I’ll admit, my pictures aren’t always perfect, or Instagram-worthy for that matter, but when I sit down at night, I’m reminded what great kids I’ve been blessed with and the memories I’m striving to create. Sweet dreams are definitely made of this. And when all else fails, I crop my ketchup stain out.

And be sure to tag #cincymomsblog in your favorite shots around town. In the meantime, I’ll figure out what to do with this time-lapse video.

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