Home Hacks from the CMB Team

The CMB team came together to bring you some of our favorite “home hacks.” These are things that we have implemented in our own homes and we hope they give you a little inspiration for yours. 

Warning: The photos you are about to see are pictures of our actual home hacks, not our perfectly put together Pinterest boards! 

Emily – Menu board with pre-made meal cards! I used the back of a cheap poster frame and small scrapbook paper. The recipes are even on the back of the cards.

Hannah – We have two super wide windows on our bedroom wall. It’s the only logical place to put the bed, but we can’t have a traditional headboard. Curtains looked awkward when I tried that, and the room had no focal point. I ended up finding this shower curtain that I love, and hung it behind the bed for more of a tapestry look. It makes me smile every time I walk in the room now!

Danielle – I love using wicker baskets to store my fruits and veggies. It just gives my kitchen more of a European farmers market feel.

Tara – I hated the idea of a formal living room, so I made a “club room” and it’s my favorite room in our house. My kids call it the family meeting room!

We have an “adventure wall” in our dining room. It is filled with pictures of our vacations.

Home hacks from the CMB team
Laura – We didn’t really need a formal living room, so I made ours into a homework room for the kids. I love having a quiet place for them to go and focus. We try not to let school stuff/backpacks/kids coats travel out of that room! We all made the backpack/coat hanger out of an old pallet and then each kiddo picked out their own hook.

Home hacks from the CMB team
Zandria – We got a new couch and our end tables didn’t really work for the room anymore. I was also tired of my kids messing with our lamps. My husband built a behind-the-couch table complete with DVD drawer, light switch for the lamps, and electrical and USB outlets. 

DVD Storage 2 - Copy
DVD Storage - Copy
Couch Table - Copy

Jennifer – I make a yearly calendar on our anniversary so it recaps our previous year. I put birthdays, important dates, half birthdays, funky holidays like ice cream day, cupcake day, and our annual holiday “2nd Sunday Sundae Family Fun Day” in August.

I also have this by my front door and my husband and I take turns writing love notes to each other.

Casey P – This is the wall behind my toilet. It’s fabric. I change it every few years. There is a tension rod at the top holding it up, so I safety pin or sew the fabric over the rod just like you would a curtain. Then, if you zoom in, you can see a few white thumbtacks hidden in the white of the fabric. There is another tension rod at the bottom.

This is two old pieces of wood from Habitat ReStore, painted navy and anchored to the wall with a bunch of different drawer pulls as hooks. I also anchored some actual hooks on the side that would be strong enough to hold my purse or work bag.

Abby – I didn’t have a tall closet in our upstairs and my dresser didn’t fit up the stairs when we moved. I got an inexpensive garment rack and added bins from Target to act as my drawers.

Allison – Planter boxes screwed into the wall for all of the stuffed animals that have invaded our house. It keeps them off the floor and I think they look cute on the wall in our playroom.

Kristin–We did this with a 3M hook. It has saved us so much hassle of finding bibs, and they are always close by.

Holly – This is our command center in the family room that we turned into an office. It literally houses everything in one place.

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