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Gift Ideas for the Girl Turning Thirteen

In a few short weeks my oldest is turning 13. In my disbelief, I will most definitely take all of your compliments that I don’t look old enough to have a teenager. Go ahead. I’ll wait :).

My kids are notoriously hard to buy for. But my oldest is especially difficult – she typically has nothing on her list, never asks for things when we’re out. That is, when she has an extra minute to be out with us. This year is no different. White Converses is the only thing she’s asked for. White Converses. I mean. SMH guys.

The thing is, she cares nothing about what most girls her age care about. She doesn’t “keep up with the Kardashians.” She listens to the Beatles. She leaves the drama where it belongs. She’s bound to be about the only girl in 8th grade that doesn’t have a phone, wear makeup, or shave her legs (shh…don’t tell her I told you!). I’m perfectly content with letting her stay a “girl” even if her age says “teen.” Maybe another post for another day…

So, I have one idea from her and all kinds of people asking what she wants. In order to hand out ideas to others, I had to do some serious thinking for my sports loving, easy going, awesome girl that happens to be turning 13. Maybe these will help you, too!

1. Graphic Tees – when she’s not sporting school spirit, graphic tees with fun phrases are what she turns to.

2. Gift cards are always good gifts for everyone – but give the mom a break from wandering around Kohl’s and Target aimlessly for hours and give the gift card some direction. The movies, book store, or the ice cream shop are great options. 

3. Notebooks and pens – She loves jotting things in her notebooks. And fancy new pens make it a ton of fun!

4. Socks! You gotta wear them, you might as well have fun ones! Keep them low cut. Because… white Converses ;)!

5. Makeup – think clear mascara, nail polish, and lip gloss. Nothing too grown up. Maybe a fun gift from the cool auntie :).

What are you getting your newly dubbed teenager for her birthday? Help a mother out! 

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