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Raising Needed Dough

This post is part of a sponsored relationship, however we would not partner with a business we do not feel brings value to our readers.

What organization doesn’t need some fundraising help at times? Pizzeria Locale makes it easy!

Who They Are:

Pizzeria Locale’s chef went to Italy to study pizza and has the goal of changing the perception of pizza from junk food to a healthy, quick option. Their ovens quick fire the pizza in three minutes and your order is ready to go! They opt to use local produce if available, as well as all non-GMO ingredients and hormone free dairy. And to keep the same concept of health – they take it the extra mile by making the sauce every morning and the dough the day before, so there is not the need to add additional preservatives to the food.

Where are they Located

There are two locations in the city – Kenwood (7800 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236 – across from Kenwood Mall) and Mason (9540 Mason Montgomery Rd, Mason, OH 45040 -in front of Staples).

Typical Menu and Price

Ranging from under $5 to just barely over $8 for a pizza (desserts as cheap at $1.50), it will not break the bank to eat here. The Budino ($1.50) is an adorable rectangle of butterscotch pudding with chocolate and caramel topping (delish!). As for drinks, they have a solid selection of drinks, including beer sourced from local breweries and wine on tap. To see the full menu, click HERE.

Fundraising Details:

Fundraising can be a headache to organize. Inform, prepare flyers, round people into a given few hours, set up and clean up.  It’s exhausting. Pizzeria Locale takes the headache away. Here is what you need to provide:

  • Date: Supply a date, ideally about four weeks out and plan for a time frame of 4-9 pm.
  • Location: Select Kenwood or Mason for the destination spot of choice
  • Name of Organization: This has to be an organization that has a tax ID (PTA’s, Sports Leagues, etc)
  • Contact Name/Email/Phone: Ideally the person who heads up the organization or treasurer to help with paperwork for payment
  • Tax ID: The payment will be sent out within weeks of finishing the fundraiser and this is necessary for tracking purposes.

What is Next?

To get your date set up, you will want to contact Chris Donato ([email protected]) who will help to get the ball rolling on the company’s side. By supplying him all the information above, the set up of your fundraiser will be quick.

Pizzeria Locale will create the flyer for you to post on social media, make copies and pass out, or email to your distribution list. You simply tell the base where to have dinner on that night and that is it.

Inform people and go eat. 

You do not need to be there for the entire fundraiser and all your supporters do is tell the restaurant that their purchase is going toward the name of the organization.

Have busy families who cannot take the time to stay? No worries, just notify the cashier the order is to-go and that it is for the name of the organization. In 3-5 minutes, they will be out the door and will still have supported the fundraiser. Much easier than selling candy bars!

Receiving payment?

Following the fundraiser, the contact supplied will receive a W9 to fill out and return. Pizzeria Locale will send the check. That’s it!     

With all the options of fundraising and the many stresses they can bring, what a welcome go-to solution, this is! An affordable, quick and healthy dinner while truly enjoying the company you are surrounded by, instead of separating, organizing, and stressing?

Think Pizzeria Locale the next time you are looking for raising some “kneaded dough.”

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