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Dear Other New Moms, Who Knew?

New MomsDear Other New Moms,

I am the proud mom of an adorable two-month-old baby boy. I don’t know how it is for each of you, but each and every day since we came home from the hospital has been a learning experience for me.

I’m not going to lie. I thought my husband and I were somewhat prepared. At least, as prepared as new parents can be with baby #1. We had asked tons and tons of question of our OB and friends with little ones, we had read/ skimmed parenting books and blogs, and we had attended four hospital classes.

Now I know. There are some things that you couldn’t possibly expect and won’t learn/ know until you are home with your little guy or girl. Here are a few of my new-parent expectations that caught me completely off guard and left me asking, “Who knew?”

Expectation: Babies eat every two – three hours.
Reality: My baby ate anywhere from every 45 minutes to an 1:45 minutes until 2 weeks ago.

Expectation: We were right to exchange our bassinet for one with special features. They could be instrumental in helping the baby (and us) sleep.
Reality: It took our baby seven weeks to warm up to sleeping in the bassinet and he hates the vibration, music, and light. On the positive, he loves the $47 Rock n’ Play and its vibrating feature. Our bedroom is actually now overrun with baby sleeping options now and we use a mix of them during the night.

Expectation: My baby will nap in the crib to prepare for the transition to it.
Reality: My baby’s record nap in the crib is 39 minutes. He likes to nap on me and I love it.

Expectation: A few baths a week and my baby will have that “new baby” smell.
Reality: My baby smells like spit-up sometimes and he gets the dirtiest palms and more toe jam than I would expect from anyone. It blows my mind.

Expectation: My friends raved about the Boba wrap. My baby will love being carried it.
Reality: 2 months later and I still cannot put it on like the pictures. Really, I follow the directions to a tee and it looks completely unlike the instructions. Therefore, we’ve never used it.

Expectation: My hormones will calm down now that I’m not pregnant.
Reality: False. I keep getting zits in the same spots and recently cried about Taylor Swift supporting a back-up dancer’s nephew with cancer.

Expectation: My pregnancy cravings will go away now that I’m not pregnant.
Reality: False. I was a strictly salty snack person before pregnancy, but I find myself still wanting to binge eat Graeter’s ice cream daily. I currently have four flavors in my freezer and *almost* wish they didn’t sell it at Kroger.

Expectation: Coffee will be my best friend.
Reality: Okay, this is partially true. But I have learned that I cannot expect to finish hot coffee while its still hot or drink iced coffee before the ice melts.

Expectation: This baby would change my life for the better.
Reality: 110% true. He is my world and I cannot imagine life without him.

I’m sure this sweet boy will continue to keep me on my toes and I’m going to be asking, “Who knew?” until he’s about 25. In the meantime, I’m just learning and enjoying and I hope you are too.

One exhausted, but excited new parent

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