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Nursing A Toddler: Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week

Breastfeeding is hard work; breastfeeding a toddler probably deserves some sort of medal. Toddlers, as we moms know, are a constantly moving, wiggling, and attempting feats of physical prowess previously only accomplished by members of the circus. It’s no wonder that nursing a toddler feels like an Olympic sport; between the wiggles, the body-bending, and […]

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One Last Chance: How Having Multiples Makes You Want to Multiply

For the record (and for anyone I know who may read this) – no, I am not pregnant. But the thought of being pregnant again doesn’t exactly sound terrible. You see – having multiples had opposite effects on my husband and me.  He is FOR CERTAIN done.  I mean done done. As in, if it wouldn’t cost […]

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The Simple Thing that Changed our Summer {and it could change yours too}

This post contains affiliate links.A few weeks ago, I bought a puzzle on a whim. I opened up the box and sorted pieces into “edges” and “middles” on my dining room table and then walked away.   The puzzle sat untouched for about a week, until one day, I paused as I walked past and […]

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Overcoming a Carsick Kid

I can count on my hands the number of times my oldest has gotten sick in his five years of life. While he has had his fair share of breathing emergencies as an asthmatic kid, we simply never had to deal with car vomit, crib vomit, vomit because I jumped in the air, vomit because […]

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