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Helping Our Kid’s With Self-Esteem

Growing up I was blessed with parents that never talked negatively about themselves or us. More specifically I can’t recall a time when my mom talked negatively about her body, her skills or her image. I didn’t know it back then but this has been one of the greatest gifts from her to me. Don’t […]

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WANTED: A Tribe (& Can We Take Turns Being the Chief?)

You can spend hours upon hours learning about how important it is to have a tribe (such as this Motherly article). Or you can ponder how different it is to raise a child in this decade vs. in the past. I hear everyone was in everyone’s business and helped each other out – can you […]

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Hey, Mom… Go Play

This afternoon I texted back and forth with an old friend who I have seen more this year than I have in the seventeen years prior. We were making plans for the next night and she suggested inviting one of her other friends.   “Should I invite her?” “Sure! She is fun.  Will she play?” “Play??? […]

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Why Don’t You Just Get Yourself a Hobby?

“[A hobby}… A regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one’s leisure time.” – according to I know what you are going to say… you are a mom, you work full time, you can hardly keep your house clean, and you are not very talented, anyway. To that I say, bologna! Ok, […]

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