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Recycle Your Legos, Markers and Contacts

We all try to recycle and some of us over-achievers even try to compost. Despite our best efforts, there are still typical household items contributing to the ever growing, rolling mounds at Rumpke. Recently, I have found a couple awesome, creative options for recycling those items that do not fit the normal recycling protocol. Legos […]

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Get CINvolved: Family Volunteering Opportunities in Cincinnati

Volunteering teaches children the value of self-efficacy, helps foster empathy, and aides them in developing new skills and exploring new interests.  Service activities also encourage civic responsibility and teach the importance of investing in our community and the people who live in it.  Research has shown that volunteering even has physical and mental rewards. Those […]

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Gardening as Therapy

As parents, we made a commitment to raise our 3 boys to embrace nature and to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Luckily, our home abuts 70 acres of a dedicated nature preserve. The early years of parenting involved hikes, trips to creeks just 3 houses down and practically living outdoors while they played. […]

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Thank You To My Sister

To my sister,  Who always wanted to be a mom Who has struggled to have her own baby Who has spent countless hours and dollars on tests and procedures Who has smiled through the cringe-worthy prodding of well-meaning family members Who has sweetly cared for others’ babies without complaint   Thank you.  Thank you for […]

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