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ice dying DIY

Ice Dying DIY

I love DIY projects that are pretty simple and achievable. I’ve also never made tie dye before, and I’ve always wanted to. After doing a bit of google research, I decided ice dying would be an easy-enough afternoon project. From what I can tell, I think ice dying vs. tie dying is less messy and […]

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Six Reasons Why You Should Totally Consider Backyard Chickens… and a Few Why You Might Not

He had me at “you’ll never taste a better egg in your life.” My boss was lauding the merits of his wife’s chicken-rearing adventures. Granted, they lived in the English hillside, but it was his emphasis on how amazing the eggs were that got me. If there was an amazing egg to be had – […]

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Pacifier Clip Tutorial

I see these fun pacifier clips being sold everywhere, especially at cute baby boutiques. It’s super easy to make one yourself with just a few materials and a sewing machine. This is also a perfect beginner project if you’re just learning how to sew. This is such a quick project that you’ll make yourself one […]

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