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Things I Wish You Understood About Young Parents

With a glitzy wedding ring on my finger sporting two children on my hip, I have never really caught too much judgment from strangers. I hear how others do, but personally, my days have been filled with the ladies who had 25 grandchildren telling me how blessed this time of my life is. Each one […]

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Body Safety, Terminology, and Consent: Why it Matters

It was a situation I thought we would never face. The events are still fresh in my mind and the feelings are still intense. I’m currently navigating mixed emotions of anger, sadness, bitterness, and numbness. I’m processing an event that will affect my child for the rest of her life. The unknown of its long-term […]

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The Toddler’s Bill of Rights in Public Places

It’s been a year since Jane the Virgin star Justin Baldoni posted this picture on Twitter, and it has impacted the way I parent every day since then. Baldoni, standing with his father, watching an epic toddler meltdown in a grocery store, wrote about “being comfortable in the uncomfortable” which encompasses 99 percent of toddler parenting anyway. His post […]

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Preparing for the Unexpected

When my daughter was first born, I was on top of making a will, recording all of my financial information and obligations, and ensuring my father had access to my safety deposit box where everything was kept. However, things change.  Life changes.  What I recorded in my original will is so outdated after just eight […]

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Mommy, Where Do Babies Come From?

“The Birds & The Bees” Talk goes in three stages: Fairy Tale Allusions Sanitized Honesty The Real Stuff It’s easy when they’re little toddlers and want to know where babies come from… “Storks bring them.. let’s just watch Dumbo; you’ll see.”  Then they see you or another woman with a big round ball for a […]

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Notes From The Mom of a Bully

In our household, bullying has always been something that happened to other people or families. We have seen it first hand at our kids’ schools and have grimly watched its subtleties in our society. Yet never once, no way, has bullying occurred in our household. We built our tribe on kindness, my friends. Inclusion has always […]

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