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Cincinnati’s Best Cultural Experiences for Families

Culture Shock When my daughter was about three, she suddenly asked me for chopsticks.  Being that she was adopted from Asia, I was delighted that she was finally showing some interest in her birth culture. I immediately went to the kitchen to retrieve the pink chopsticks I had lovingly purchased with this day in mind. […]

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Not HisOnly Mom

Not His Only Mom

I’m not his only mom. Last week my son came to me and said, “Mom, do I have more moms?” For most kids this would be a silly question, but not for my boy. I said yes Wyatt you have had 3 moms. You had your belly mommy who carried you in her belly and […]

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Adoption Chose

Adoption chose us…

November is National Adoption Awareness month. As an adoptive mother this is an important month for me, not just because of the official timing of it, but because this is the month my son was placed with us. Often when you hear adoptive parents speak about their adoptions, they tell you that they always knew […]

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Beyond Color

As a parent we hope that everyone will see the best in our kids. Just as we struggle to find it ourselves sometimes. We can feel confident that those who know our families, know our children well enough, but what about those who don’t know us? What about those people who base their idea of […]

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